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FALL 2014

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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall Issue 2014


58 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK NEW SUMMARY OF INCH BOLT AND NUT GRADE MARKINGS by Joe Greenslade Director of Engineering Technology, IFI In the new 9th Edition of the IFI Inch Fastener Standards Book a new summary of the most commonly used bolt and nut grade markings has been updated. Most national and international standards defining mechanical and performance properties of fasteners specify that fasteners produced to their requirements must be marked to identify both the fastener’s grade and manufacturer. The grade marking is a special symbol identifying the fastener’s material and performance requirements. The manufacturer’s marking is a symbol identifying the source that accepts the responsibility that the fastener conforms to all specified requirements. Markings on bolts and screws are usually located on the top of their heads; those on studs on their ends; and on nuts on their top face. Most standards permit the manufacturer the option of providing either raised or depressed (indented) marks, with the one exception that marks on nut flats or bearing surfaces must be depressed. The Fastener Quality Act requires registration of identification markings for those supplying the United States market. The registration is with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A complete listing is available at: The following tables detail the grade markings of the most popular ASTM and SAE strength grades for externally and internally threaded fasteners, respectively. Industrial Fasteners Institute 636 Oak Tree Blvd. • Independence Ohio 44131 Phone: 216.241.1482 • Fax: 216.241.5901 For more information regarding fastener grade markings send inquiries to


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