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FALL 2014

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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall Issue 2014


62 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK International Fasteners Inc. Tampa . Charlotte . Chicago . Dallas . Philadelphia . Phoenix Tel: 1-888-241-0203 Fax: 1-888-241-2096 Email: DISTRIBUTION, DEDICATION AND DAGGERZ TM BRAND FASTENERS In 1996, there was an idea that the marketplace needed a new source of quality and competitively priced product with brand name recognition, a company that could help enhance the fastener distributor’s options. International Fasteners Inc. was then founded and began offering the DAGGERZ brand of quality construction fasteners. International Fasteners Inc. quickly became known as The Distributor’s Choice and their success has been built on their dedication to serving their loyal customers, relationships with quality suppliers overseas and most importantly, the true professionals who sell, service and ship their products every day. Originally, International Fasteners Inc. had a product offering of self drilling, drywall, and needle point screws. They have continued to grow the Daggerz brand into one of the most comprehensive selections of construction fasteners sold exclusively through the distribution channel. Today, the new catalog boasts over 800 line items in bulk alone. The extensive line of construction fasteners include self drilling, drywall, deck, wood working, concrete, post frame, clip, needle point, and aluminum industry screws as well as EPDM bonded washers, bits, and threaded rod. Of course, all products are offered in a wide variety of sizes, materials and finishes. To help keep their distributors at ease with the quality of the Daggerz brand product, the fasteners are still imported from most of the same high quality factories in Taiwan as they were in the beginning. Fasteners are tested on site in the corporate facility in Tampa, Florida before they are approved for shipment into the country. Also, each product offering is color coded for ease of material identification for both the distributors as well as the end users and contractors. All fasteners are also offered in smaller quantities and are custom packaged to offer each distributor options only available by processing packaged orders locally. In recent years, distributors have found the need to stock less products on their own shelves and need to receive their fasteners quickly and efficiently. Recognizing this, International Fasteners Inc. has been busy developing more stocking locations throughout the U.S. and now have six locations to serve their customers best. With inventory in Tampa, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Phoenix, most orders can be received within two days of shipping. please turn to page 227


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