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FALL 2017

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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall Issue 2017 / Vol 40 No4


72 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Robert Footlik Robert B. Footlik, PE is a retired Professional Industrial Engineer. With over 50 years’ experience as a Warehouse and Logistics Consultant to a wide variety of clients including Fastener Distributors, Bob has a wealth of valuable information for our industry and he is willing to share it. While Footlik & Associates is now closed, his expertise is still available to his friends and our readers. For friendly advice, a second opinion or just to start a conversation, he can be reached at WELCOME TO MT 442-542 DISTRIBUTION AND WAREHOUSING The following is based on a real course... As you read this think of yourself as one of the students who is being challenged to learn about not just the course material, but also how to think, act and succeed in the workplace regardless of your chosen career. Keep in mind that most of your classmates have been students all their life and totally oblivious about how “things” move in any economy. This course is a journey, regardless of the specific curriculum. Week One: Introduction to the World of Logistics “Good evening class and welcome to a very unusual adult learning experience. We will be exploring a wealth of topics involving logistics, distribution, warehousing, life and your careers. At this moment for our purposes most of you know absolutely nothing useful about these subjects and over the next 16 weeks you will become more expert than you could ever imagine.” “Your education thanks you for signing up and attending night school. What you may not have realized is that this is the very best way to learn. All the faculty is here because they want to teach and we have practical experience, everyday adventures and passion that is wholly missing from most tenured professor’s lectures. Just like you I am here because I want to learn. So we will be working together to achieve this goal.” “May I direct your attention to the plaque on the wall next to the door way. Yes, that is indeed my Father’s name on the dedication. That means the university received a donation to fund this room, but more importantly in our context it means that what goes on in here has wider leeway than any class you have ever attended. This leads CONTRIBUTOR ARTICLE to our first exercise in learning and layout.” “I hate the way this room works! Do you agree? How shall we make it better?” “OK, everyone up! Grab your things and please reconfigure the table and chairs into a configuration that will facilitate communication. Flat rows of seating facing forward is for kids, not adults who want to learn from each other as well as their facilitator.” “Excellent, you have created a “U” shape so we can face each other. One more point and then we can get started. Inevitably students want to know how I will be grading their efforts. Quizzes and tests will be mostly nonexistent except for the “Dreaded Oral Exam Midterm” and the even more ‘’Dreaded Open Source Final Examination.” There will not be any way for you to study, cram or otherwise prepare for these tests at the last minute. Every element of the course builds on previous material. So unlike most courses as of this moment every one of you has an “A.” All you can do is lose it.” “Those who are on top of their Email should have performed the first assignment before coming to class. We will not be following any real textbook, even the one you bought. Your learning will come mostly from selfstudy, the Internet, YouTube, personal experiences and much more. The text is strictly a supplement and there will be suggested chapters to read…if you want to learn more. Each chapter has questions and answers that you can use to evaluate your comprehension and retention. I don’t need the answers, you do.” “As a reward I have arranged for the Trade Association that paid me to develop this text to provide a final examination of your self-study. If you pass there will be a certificate issued attesting to your new skill set. CONTINUED ON PAGE 172



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