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FALL 2017

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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall Issue 2017 / Vol 40 No4


74 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK GLOBALFASTENERNEWS.COM by JASON SANDEFUR CONTRIBUTING EDITOR HIRING THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB About 30% of employees in any company are “A” players, according to Bob Nugent, senior consultant at MAP (Management Action Programs). The rest are “B” or “C” players. Fastener companies face a staffing challenge: To produce more with fewer employees for customers who demand more for less. “Organizations are flattening out, we don’t have five tiers of management anymore,” Nugent told members of the Pacific-West Fastener Association during the group’s autumn conference in Whistler, British Columbia. All jobs require the right talent for maximum performance. “The only way you’re going to find an ‘A’ player is to steal them,” Nugent declared. “Everyone who is any good already has a job.” This reality puts a greater emphasis on a company’s interviewing and recruiting process, Nugent advised. A recent survey found that CEOs are not confident of their company’s hiring systems (four-in-ten rate their hiring system an “8” or greater). Likewise, one in three CEOs claims that less than 50 percent of their new employees are successful. Past research has found that as few as 3 out of 10 new hires were the right people, according to Nugent. So how does a company identify “A” players? Most share these 10 characteristics: 1) They are team players. 2) They are self starters. 3) They look for a career, not a job. 4) They are honest. 5) They have a high level of integrity. 6) They are committed. 7) They do whatever it takes. 8) They are never satisfied. 9) They are responsive and reliable. 10) They are lifelong learners. “‘A’ players want to know you’re putting equity in their career,” Nugent explained. While managers should teach all employees how to think like business owners by looking for solutions to problems and considering the impact of their decision on the bottom line, “A” level players have already figured this out, according to Nugent. The key to successful staffing involves selecting, developing and retaining the right people for competitive advantage. “Notice that says the ‘right’ people, not the best; the best might not fit with your company culture.” What makes people different than other resources in your business? “People are not perishable resources to be consumed. They are valuable assets to be developed and invested in. ‘Human capital,’ plus they are the only resource that can increase their value exponentially. To staff your business effectively, it’s important to align staffing needs with company goals. If you can’t identify your goals, start by completing a creating both strategic and annual operating plans. “80 percent of entrepreneur companies that come to our business don’t have a business plan.” BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 174



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