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FALL 2020

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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall 2020 / Vol 43 No 4


122 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK ANTHONY Di MAIO BLIND RIVETS HAVE THREE DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS from page 44 The 410 size blind rivet which is a 1/8 diameter rivet with a 5/8 maximum grip range, will read in soft metric as 1/8 diameter 3.2mm and 5/8 maximum grip range will read 16mm. Soft metric is the direct conversion of inch dimensions to metric. ¤ 3/32 diameter to 2.4mm ¤ 1/8 diameter to 3.2mm ¤ 5/32 diameter to 4.0mm ¤ 3/16 diameter to 4.8mm ¤ 1/4 diameter to 6.4mm [3] Hard Metric Hard metric is not used often in the USA. Hard metric is used fully in Europe. Hard metric is showing blind rivet diameter in whole millimeters. Example:- 3mm X 6mm blind rivet. This blind rivet will measure with a 3mm =.118 diameter and “L” length of 6mm =.236. Very important point. Hard metric blind rivet part number does not include the maximum grip range of the blind rivet. They show blind rivet body length “L”. By knowing the blind rivet diameter and the blind rivet body length “L” you have no idea or reference to the maximum grip range. You have to refer to the manufacturers catalog to see what the maximum grip range of the 3mm X 6mm blind rivet grip range is. The catalog shows that a 3mm X 6mm blind rivet has a grip range of 2.5mm (.099) minimum to 3.5mm (.138) maximum grip range. ANTHONY Di MAIO



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