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FALL 2020

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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall 2020 / Vol 43 No 4


142 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK ROMAN BASI WHAT’S THE NET INVESTMENT INCOME TAX AND HOW DOES IT APPLY TO ME? from page 56 An investor must pay the NIIT based on the lesser of your net investment income or the amount by which your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) surpasses the filing status- based thresholds imposed by the IRS. What this basically states, the 3.8% tax will apply in two situations: ¤ An investor’s net investment income is less than the amount which the investors MAGI exceeds the statutory threshold, the tax applies to your NII. ¤ An investor’s net investment income is higher than the amount by which the NII and MAGI exceeded the statutory threshold, the tax applies to that exceeding value. In order to report and calculate the NIIT, individuals, trusts, and estates use Form 8960. To pay the tax, taxpayer will fill out Form 1040 (if an individual) or Form 1041 (if a trust or estate.) Further, taxpayers that deal with estimated tax payments must still consider the NIIT in order to avoid certain penalties associated with under estimating or underreporting tax liability. While this tax must be considered in estimated tax payment, the tax does not need to be withheld from an employee’s wages. Let’s look at an example with actual dollar amounts. The filing status of our hypothetical investor, Tina Taxpayer, is single. Therefore, the statutory threshold is 0,000. If Tina Taxpayer has a MAGI of 0,000 and net investment income of ,000, equaling a total of 0,000, she will not be subject to the NIIT because the amount is lower than the Statutory threshold of 0,000. Now, under the same conditions, let’s change the values. Tina Taxpayer has a MAGI of 0,000 and net investment income of ,000, equaling 0,000. Because that amount is ,000 over the 0,000 statutory threshold, she will pay the 3.8% tax on the ,000 at ,900. __________________________________________________ 1 The term “passive activity” shall not include any working interest in any oil or gas property which the taxpayer holds directly or through an entity which does not limit the liability of the taxpayer with respect to such interest. (B) Income in subsequent years. 26 US Code section 469. ROMAN BASI IFE CONNECTING THE FASTENER INDUSTRY THROUGH IFE’S FIRST-EVER DIGITAL EVENT from page 58 Through Match & Meet 2020, companies will have the opportunity to book digital booths to meet their key business goals, while also putting their brand in front of new potential customers who may not have been able to attend a live event. Exhibitors will be able to set-up their e-booths with product images and descriptions, demos, and staff members. Exhibiting companies can also invite buyers to hold virtual meetings at a time that suits both parties – all on the same platform. At the end of the show, exhibitors will have access to complete analytics related to the number, type and details of all leads generated. Digital booth bookings for Match & Meet will begin in coming weeks; please visit www.fastenershows. com for updates. Attendees at Match & Meet by IFE 2020 will have access to a range of exciting new features. The platform’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities will automatically match attendees with other users – exhibitors & attendees – and content that is uniquely relevant to them. All users of the platform, whether attendee or exhibitor, can schedule and hold one-to-one meetings right in the platform itself without needing to log in to third-party meeting applications. Match & Meet by IFE will also incorporate a robust conference schedule with highlights on technology, leadership and business management, and current market challenges and best practices. Live conference sessions will be available within the platform too, without the need for logins to external streaming platforms. Speaker at the show in 2019, Nelson Valderrama returns to Match & Meet in 2020 to talk about “how to stresstest your business in times of crisis.” Registration for Match & Meet by IFE will open in the coming month at More information on how to register, exhibitor list, and conference agenda will be available on the website. Please visit and sign up for updates as they become available at INTERNATIONAL FASTENER EXPO



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