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FALL 2020

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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall 2020 / Vol 43 No 4


INNOVATIVE TOOLS. EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS. How do you maintain your business operations when your management, sales force and warehouse staff aren’t present in the workplace? INxSQL , s range of innovative tools ensure your operations are seamless regardless of where your workforce is located. Whether you are cloud based or have an on-site server, remote connection from anywhere should be easy. Remoting into INxSQL from out of the office is seamless and does not affect the look and feel of the software. Functional for all aspects of business operations - access data for inventory management, sales order processing or business analytics - fast, easy, up-to-date information is key while your staff cannot be at their desks. INxSQL , s Order Automation uses third-party integration with Artificial Intelligence (AI), similar to facial recognition software. The format of the received order is learned, and as more orders come in, the AI adapts and evolves to eliminate errors. The AI-driven technology extracts the data and automatically uploads into INxSQL, accurately creating the new order. From order receipt to order creation, the manual data entry element is removed, helping employees work smarter, not harder. “Order Automation has quickly become a vital aspect of our best business practices” states Dianna Czajkowski of Beacon Fasteners and Components. “Our order processing time has been reduced by over 50% with expectations of 75% by the end of 2020. This software efficiency has practically eliminated the redundancies of order entry and freed up our staff to better serve our customers.” INxSQL provides all the tools your employees need to access your operations remotely and still maximize efficiency while not in the workplace. continued on page 22 We have been able to improve our business operations due to the ease of use and communication. I highly recommend this software package Julian Lopez Power Supply Components


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