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FALL 2020

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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall 2020 / Vol 43 No 4


62 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Jo Morris Marketing Director, Fastener Training Institute ® FASTENER TRAINING INSTITUTE ® 5318 East 2nd Street #325, Long Beach, CA 90803 TEL 562-473-5373 FAX 661-449-3232 EMAIL WEB FASTENING 101 (VIRTUAL) - UNDERSTANDING THREADED FASTENERS AND THE INDUSTRY THAT PRODUCES THEM Fasteners are part of the foundation of the domestic industrial sector. They can be found in infinite applications and, in some degree, are incorporated in nearly every machine or construction project of this era. The fastener industry comprises a multibillion-dollar portion of the economy with users from industrial, aerospace, automotive and military sectors. Their features and properties vary extensively; not one unique fastener is applicable for every condition. There are also numerous fabrication processes, environmental requirements and quality conditions that influence the diversity of fasteners. Understanding the fundamentals of fasteners, how they differ, their specifications and capabilities are paramount to succeeding in this market basket that we call the fastener industry. These are the concepts presented in the Fastener Training Institute’s acclaimed class, “Fastening 101”, which is much more than just the basics. For the third year, the Fastener Training Institute is proud to partner with Fastener Fair USA to present Fastening 101: Understanding threaded fasteners and the industry that produces them. This year, due to COVID19, this popular class will be presented virtually. Although the in-person trade show is postponed until June of 2021, the education portion of the event will be presented online and scheduled for late fall. Instructed by industry leader Laurence Claus, “Fastening101” is a must for those new to the industry TECHNICAL ARTICLE as well as anyone who wants to know more about the products they buy, sell, warehouse and use. The seminar is perfect for manufacturers, distributors and end users. Students will explore how fasteners are manufactured as well as some basic engineering concepts. Topics include fastener design and material options, head styles and drive configurations, heat treatments and platings plus a discussion on why there are cost differences from one fastener to another. If you are not familiar with the basic mechanical properties of fasteners, you need to attend this class. Unlike traditional fastener basics seminars that feature an image or simple training slide, “Fastening 101” takes students into the industry and helps them understand how and where fasteners are used. We review market segments and the differentials between them discussing automotive fasteners vs. aerospace fasteners vs. construction fasteners etc. We then dive into a basic understanding of how threaded fasteners work with an overview on tension, stress, pre-load, and torque. Students Will Learn About ¤ Locking Fasteners & Prevailing Torque ¤ Thread Forming Basics - Into plastics, steel, aluminum & magnesium ¤ The Basics of Threads ¤ Terminology ¤ The Concept of Thread Fit CONTINUED ON PAGE 144



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