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FALL 2020

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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall 2020 / Vol 43 No 4


70 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK INTERNATIONAL FASTENERS, INC. Tampa . Charlotte . Chicago . Dallas . Los Angeles . Philadelphia TEL 1-888-241-0203 FAX 1-888-241-2096 EMAIL WEB INTERNATIONAL FASTENERS: CONTINUED SUCCESS DURING THE PANDEMIC As the fall season gets under way, International Fasteners, Inc. is usually packing up the booths and heading to the fall shows which include two of the biggest events of the year for them. But this isn’t a normal year or a normal fall. This is the fall of 2020 and the year we all stayed home. The construction business climate has managed to remain strong this year and IFI has also been fortunate enough to be considered an essential business. The biggest challenges have been for the sales team to be both grounded and remain relevant to their customers. So how does one of the best teams in the industry face such a challenge? They get creative and start having virtual sales meetings and online personalized trainings. They managed to revamp how they keep in touch with their customers and promote Daggerz brand fasteners in the marketplace. Additionally, the team comes together each week virtually for face to face time to share what they are learning and what works with each other. Has the pandemic hurt the IFI sales team? Not a chance. Armed with customized Daggerz face masks and safety as priority one, they carefully meet with accounts as requested and continue to maintain the social distancing and overall guidelines set forth by both the CDC and by each company they visit. Travel is still very limited and differs by region in the country. Known as The Distributor’s Choice for Daggerz brand Quality Construction Fasteners, International Fasteners, Inc. has all of your construction fastener needs available in any of their six stocking locations throughout the USA. Product is offered out of warehouse in bulk cartons, bulk pails, 1lb and 5lb tubs, or custom piece counts. What are you waiting for? Follow them on Social Media and make International Fasteners, Inc. your choice. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE INTERNATIONAL FASTENERS, INC.

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 71 MID-WEST FASTENER ASSOCIATION PO Box 5, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 TOLL-FREE 1-800-753-8338 TEL 847-438-8338 EMAIL WEB MWFA HOLDS VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR by Nancy Rich Although we’ve all been inundated with virtual meetings, it’s still obvious the fastener industry enjoys networking. We may not be meeting in person but there is still no shortage of conversation catching up on the industry, checking in with each other and enjoying the chance to network virtually. The format of Happy Hour has changed everywhere including with the MWFA. On June 25th, MWFA held a virtual Happy Hour to catch up with members and fastener friends. It was sad not to meet in person and catch up but at the same time it was nice to see some of our fastener friends who aren’t able to make it to local meetings. ASSOCIATION ARTICLE MWFA Upcoming Events November 5 December 17 Scholarship/Elections Dinner Meeting Belvedere Banquets - Elk Grove, IL Holiday Party Medinah Banquets - Addison, IL Refer to MWFA’s website ( for updates on these and previous postponed events. We would like to report rescheduled dates, for events canceled earlier in the year, at this time but it is too soon to report new dates or which events will be carried out. MID-WEST FASTENER ASSOCIATION


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