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FALL 2021

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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall 2021 / Vol 44 No 4


62 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK ENGINEERED COMPONENTS COMPANY 1100 Davis Road, Elgin, IL 60123 TEL 847-841-7000 EMAIL WEB ENGINEERED COMPONENTS: ‘INNOVATE, DON’T VEGETATE’ by Dennis Cowhey, President, Computer Insights Engineered Components Company was founded in 1983; ECC has continually grown in the areas of technology, market share, and acquisition. Arne Henriksen did not like the direction the company he worked for was heading. The company wanted to produce for orders as received and not inventory any material. Arne thought they should produce for inventory based on part history and sell from stock. He felt that this approach would better serve the customer and the business. When the company he worked for refused to change, Arne founded Engineered Components Company. Engineered Components Company, or ECC, is a privately-owned fastener supplier and fastener distributor of standard and per print specialty fasteners. ECC also distributes a multitude of other components that are utilized by original equipment manufacturers worldwide. Their Anchor Bolt and Screw division sells to distributors only with a dedicated sales team, separate from OEM sales, and provides products to countless fastener companies across America that operate in a range of industries. Why Fasteners? I asked Arne why he was interested in the fastener industry instead of something else. He shared, “I was in the fastener business since I was ten years old. My father brought home parts for my sister and me to sort out mixed material and gave us a couple of dollars for spending money. This was for Anchor Bolt and Screw Company that he and my uncle started in the ’60s. Once you are in the fastener business, you are always in the fastener business.” Truly Unique Engineered Components Company’s motto is “Innovate Don’t Vegetate.” Their engineering and design expertise has led to multiple patents and customer cost savings. They are proud of their culture, which promotes long tenure, knowledgeable employees, and teamwork. From the start, their focus has been on communication skills and promptness in responding to customer’s needs and requests. Being privately owned and full of “professional scramblers” brings flexibility which results in excellent problem-solving. Their highly-trained sales staff offers an unparalleled level of technical knowledge, service, and personality. With stocking warehouses located across the country that support a variance of VMI and in-plant material management programs, ECC can respond rapidly and effectively to their customers’ needs. ECC’s team is one of its greatest assets, from its dedicated assembly crew to its in-house quality assurance technicians. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 138



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