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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2022 / Vol 45 No 4


54 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK ARAMID TECHNOLOGIES 2200 E Williams Field Rd, Ste 200, Gilbert AZ 85295 TEL 480-680-7242 EMAIL WEB WHERE ARE YOU ON THE PATH TO PAPERLESS? by Lonni Kieffer, Co-Founder Introduction In today’s turbulent business environment, it is harder than ever for distributors and manufacturers to remain competitive, sustainable, and profitable. McKinsey reported that leading companies are using digital strategies to pull ahead, while those that cling to the status quo are rapidly falling behind. Challenges Chasing paperwork is painful and costly. The status quo for cert management is: ¤ Manual and inefficient - Current cert transfer processes are labor-intensive and error-prone. And sales teams are often pulled away from selling to join the paperwork search. ¤ Expensive - The paper-based process for handling cert management uses thousands of pounds of paper each year and many companies are running out of storage space. ¤ Frustrating to your customers - The pain in resending certs to customers is often the number one reason companies sign up for SmartCert. Not only does missing paperwork hold up payments and processes but it also impacts your future business with customers. Additionally, with the highest inflation rate in four decades, companies need to streamline operations to reduce and control costs. The time is now to embrace digital innovation. It’s that simple. Goal Take the simple path to paperless certs! Digital innovation doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, and you can get started with simple, common-sense steps that require little to no investment. This year we have been astounded by how many companies, of all sizes, have set goals to become paperless. Here are some simple steps you can undertake to get organized for a paperless future: ¤ Begin scanning and uploading your paper documents - There are many third-party scanning services available, and many office scanners can create separate pdf files by using a blank sheet of paper between certs. ¤ Use a consistent naming convention - We suggest using a consistent naming convention that includes the manufacturer lot, so documents are easy to find and identify for both you and your customers. ¤ Leverage digital copies - Create lot-based cert packages that allow you to send to one copy to multiple customers. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 55

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 55 SMARTCERT BY ARAMID WHERE ARE YOU ON THE PATH TO PAPERLESS? from page 54 Solution With decades of direct industry experience, the team at SmartCert knew there was a better way to exchange certs between suppliers and customers. SmartCert is the first universal self-service platform that allows buyers and sellers to easily manage and exchange certs and required documentation. Streamlining the cert management process enables your team to work smarter, not harder, giving you time back in the day to move your business forward. Benefits ¤ Automate cert transfer ¤ Create a centralized, cloud-based archive ¤ Deliver document revisions in real-time ¤ Provide 24/7 remote access to certs ¤ Get started fast with minimal disruption About SmartCert SmartCert ® , launched in 2021 by Aramid Technologies, is a universal online platform that helps manufacturers and distributors manage and exchange certs with their customers and suppliers. Unlike email, portals and paper which push problems downstream, SmartCert ® eliminates problems, so everyone benefits from simpler processes, happier customers, and more efficient and engaged employees. SMARTCERT BY ARAMID TECHNOLOGIES


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