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FALL 2022

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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2022 / Vol 45 No 4


68 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Carmen Vertullo Carmen is the co-founder of AIM Testing Laboratory, specializing in fastener testing, fastener training, and fastener problem solving. He has experience in fastener quality assurance, manufacturing, sales, and inventory management programs. He is a member of the ASTM F16 Fastener Technical Committee, the ASME B18 Fastener Technical Committee, the Research Council on Structural Connections (RCSC) and the Canadian Mirror ISO TC2 Fastener Technical Committee. He is a Certified Fastener Specialist through the Fastener Training Institute and has presented dozens of fastener training programs. He holds a BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. Contact Carmen at 619-204-1543 or MENTORING FASTENER EXPERTS - AN OPPORTUNITY As you probably know, I have been solving fastener problems and training fastener professionals for over 30 years - this is by no means a record – there are some 50+ years experts out there. I am fortunate to have been mentored by some of best of them, but we have fewer and fewer fastener industry experts as time goes by. Names like Joe Greenslade, Bengt Belndulf and Rob Harris, Andy Cohen, Jim Speck and Russ Doran come to mind. My observation is that we are losing many of these fastener experts at an alarming rate, and their fastener experience is not being transferred to the current generation fast enough. I believe we need a way to transfer fastener technical knowledge from person to people at a greatly accelerated rate, so I have put together a Fastener Expert Mentoring Opportunity There are lots of fastener training opportunities out there and chances are you have taken some of them. This is not fastener training. There are also other mentoring opportunities in our industry. This is not like those. My hope and expectation are to transfer my decades of fastener application experiences to a few of you who have the desire to become fastener experts or to sharpen your current expertise. I hope to do this at a greatly accelerated rate compared to any traditional training or mentoring methods. CONTRIBUTOR ARTICLE Most mentoring experiences are organic. They occur over a long period of time and are based on the natural exchange of ideas and experiences. This mentoring experience will not be organic. It will be mostly planned and intentional with expected and measured outcomes, but also a lot of spontaneity depending on where the conversations go. I think it will be fun for all of us and a lot of work – mostly for all of you. I will personally operate low maintenance. No PowerPoints, no lectures, unless you choose to or need to review some previous webinars that I may recommend. I will not be the only mentor – there are others coming alongside – maybe you. If you think this might be for you here’s what you are in for: ¤ At least two meetings per month via ZOOM. These will be a minimum of 45 minutes but could go for 90 minutes. ¤ Commitment is for one year minimum, but the mentorship may continue indefinitely. ¤ The meetings are not webinars – they are full participation case studies with give and take from everyone. ¤ There will be homework – at least a few hours per week, depending on how well you handle, or learn to handle, fastener standards. ¤ There will be evaluations of some kind. CONTINUED ON PAGE 166



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