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FALL 2022

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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2022 / Vol 45 No 4


72 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK BRIGHTON-BEST INTERNATIONAL USA Headquarters, 5855 Obispo Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90805 TEL 562-808-8000 FAX 562-808-8137 EMAIL WEB BBI PROVIDES SAFETY GEAR TO OUR COMMUNITY CROSSING GUARDS ACROSS AMERICA cost, to your location for those who are willing to help children cross the street safely every day. Let’s help safe guard our children by providing safety gear to our crossing guards today. Please spread the word and let’s try to give every crossing guard in the U.S.A. a pair of Hi-Viz Ironclad gloves. Brighton-Best International (BBI) announced immediate availability of Hi-Visibility gloves to crossing guards across America. Getting hit by a car is the third leading cause of death for children 5- to 9-years-old says the Association for Psychological Science and according to Parents. com, almost 400 children aged 15 and under are killed annually when struck by a vehicle. It’s not hard to think of reasons for these scary statistics. Children are easily distracted and do not always pay attention. They are smaller in stature, so they’re more likely to sustain fatal injuries when they are struck. But there may be an even more basic reason for this childhood peril, children simply don’t see the cars coming. Brighton-Best International is grateful to all the crossing guards who strive to protect our children across America. Unfortunately, most crossing guards have to provide their own safety gloves. During the 2022-2023 school season, BBI would like to thank our crossing guards by donating a pair of HI-VIZ Ironclad gloves to our local crossing guard heroes. If you know of a crossing guard and would like to provide them a pair of HI-VIZ Ironclad gloves, please email and tell us about your local hero. BBI will ship you a pair of gloves, at no BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE News and Announcements Congratulations to Bill Davis, from BBI Cleveland, on his promotion to the position of Regional Manager for the Central Region. Bill’s 20 years in the fastener industry will assist him in his roles as both Regional Manager and Weld Fastener Product Manager. Bill is excited for this opportunity and looks forward to working with his team to develop the region as BBI continues to expand its capabilities. Congratulations to Doug Strauss, from BBI-Cleveland, for passing the exam to become a Certified Fastener Specialist (CFS) from the Fastener Training Institute. Brighton-Best International is honored to be the recipient of the Sphere1 2022 Outstanding Sales Growth Achievement Award! BRIGHTON-BEST INTERNATIONAL



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