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FALL 2023

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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall 2023 / Vol 46 No 4


48 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK EDSON MANUFACTURING, INC. 10 Venus Drive, Wolcott, Connecticut 06716 TEL 203-879-2529 EMAIL WEB EDSON MANUFACTURING: RIVETING THE INDUSTRY Edson Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer in the fastener industry. Originally a 600-square-foot establishment, the company expanded over the years and was acquired by Marson Corporation in 1974. In 1997, Lee Gaw and John Famiglietti took over, turning it into an employee-owned enterprise. They are committed to in-house manufacturing and offer various fasteners, blind rivets, and structural rivets serving diverse industries. Their expertise and ISO 9001:2015 registration ensure top-notch quality and excellent customer support. Edson Manufacturing’s precision, adaptability, and passion for innovation sets them apart as industry frontrunners. Edson Manufacturing: Riveting The Industry Choosing a US manufacturer brings numerous advantages that spell success for your business. With stringent quality control and adherence to regulations, you can trust the superior craftsmanship of US-made products. Supporting domestic manufacturing also contributes to the local economy and job market growth, fostering a sense of social responsibility. Proximity allows quicker response times and reduced shipping costs, promoting easier collaboration and communication. Emphasizing sustainability and ethical practices, US manufacturers align with your values. Working with a US manufacturer ensures reliability, premium quality, and a positive impact on your business and the broader community. Choose Edson for your application needs with confidence in several key ways: ¤ In-House Manufacturing: Unlike competitors relying solely on outside manufacturing, Edson Manufacturing is committed to in-house production. By stocking raw materials and supplies, they can maintain quick lead times and respond rapidly to customer needs. This approach gives them greater control over the manufacturing process and ensures consistent quality. ¤ Employee-Owned Company: This employee ownership model fosters a strong sense of pride, commitment, and dedication among the team members, translating into excellent customer service and product quality. JOHN FAMIGLIETTI AND LEE GAW, OWNERS WITH JACK (HEAD OF EMPLOYEE RELATIONS) ¤ Extensive Capabilities: Edson Manufacturing boasts a wide range of capabilities in the fastener industry. Their expertise includes multi-die cold heading machinery, deep drawing presses, stamping presses, and assembly machines. Edson manufactures a diverse product line. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 134


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