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FALL 2023

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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall 2023 / Vol 46 No 4


54 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Steven Sherman Co-Vice President, Industrial Rivet Steven Sherman, a fourth-generation Co-Vice President deeply rooted in the industry from childhood. With an impressive 26-year tenure, Steven has mastered every aspect, from hands-on roles like header operator, to product engineering, application engineering, sales, and management. He attended UCSB for engineering and business. Currently chair of the IFI Technical Committee and serving on the board. RIVETING SOLUTIONS: COLLABORATE WITH YOUR RIVET MANUFACTURER FOR SUPERIOR TOOL PERFORMANCE Where rivets are concerned, a fastener distributor’s goal is to provide customers with reliable permanent fastening solutions for sheet metal – helping them to achieve a flawless riveted joint in a single attempt. However, occasional mishaps do happen – and identifying the root cause of any riveting issues is crucial to minimizing downtime. That’s not always easy, given the complexity of the riveting process. Is it the tool, the rivet, operating conditions, or lack of proper training? That’s when having a reputable and knowledgeable manufacturer on your side becomes critical – one who can provide a comprehensive set of solutions along with expert guidance and support. That’s exactly what RivetKing® offers. With more than 110 years of experience behind us, we’ve found that starting with proper tool selection and regular maintenance can go a long way in minimizing disruptions. Here are a few best practices we share with our customers to help them ensure optimal tool performance. Choosing The Right Partners: Sourcing And Support Start by choosing high-quality tools from reputable manufacturers that always have spare parts on hand for same-day shipment or and/or repair service to ensure tools can stay operational. These providers typically offer reliable products combined with a 1-2 year warranty and a high level of support. It’s best to avoid MRO or DIY riveting BLIND RIVET TOOLS USED AT HIGH PRODUCTION VOLUME REQUIRE REGULAR CLEANING TO REMOVE DEBRIS tools as they may not have the longevity or ideal force and stroke ratios necessary for all rivet designs. Be sure to select the correct riveting tool for the specific rivet being used, taking rivet size and type into consideration. Partnering with rivet manufacturers known for producing quality rivets is equally important. This practice helps ensure that the rivet does not contribute to any process performance issues. Be sure to choose a manufacturer who has the ability to test rivets in application onsite and in lab conditions with a load cell so if any concerns do arise, they can easily confirm their quality. The support provided by the rivet manufacturer can also include training for your sales teams, enabling them to understand the nuances of rivet assembly and build their knowledge over time so they can become experts. TECHNICAL ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 138

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