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Distributor's Link Magazine Spring Issue 2011 / VOL 34 / NO.2


30 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Applied Bolting Technology 1413 Rockingham Road Bellows Falls, Vermont 05101 Tel: 1-800-552-1999 Email: Website: APPLIED BOLTING ANNOUCES NEW TRAINING AND TROUBLESHOOTING VIDEOS Over the past 16 years, Applied Bolting has sold tens of millions of Squirter ® DTIs. Once you use them, you’re hooked. First-time users are amazed by how easily and consistently Squirters ® guarantee minimum bolt tension. My favorite comment from a crusty old iron worker sums it up nicely: “That’s like cheating!” he said. We are penetrating new markets all around the world, including wind turbines. Our customers know the benefits: faster installation and inspection of high quality structural joints. Independent research shows Squirter ® DTIs consistently outperform other tensioning techniques. A Florida DOT study shows Squirters ® saved over per bolt in a project after recovering the cost of the Squirter ® when compared to Turn-of-Nut. Naturally, many questions arise when engineers and erectors first consider using Squirters ® , and iron workers always do a better job when trained properly. We travel extensively to communicate the benefits of using Squirters ® and train new users. We love interacting with our customers, and we are serious about continuous improvement. We listen closely to their suggestions for ways to improve our product. We are always looking for more efficient processes. To improve our customer experience, we recently rolled out a series of new videos about Squirter ® DTIs. The videos were produced by Powderhouse Productions, the same outfit that produces videos for “Build It Bigger” on the Discovery Channel. They are available on our website, or via youtube and vimeo. Of course, we still will hit the road if questions remain unanswered. New to Squirters ® ? Three of the videos are geared to the growing audience of engineers and inspectors who are unfamiliar with Squirter ® DTIs or are using them for the first time. Powderhouse did a great job producing these videos. In about 10 minutes, you can learn what is unique about Squirter ® DTIs and see the benefits of using them. And it’s not just us blowing our horn. You will hear field experiences from engineers, foremen and inspectors who know and love Squirters®. Need More Basic Information? We often get questions from the field that start with, “What torque should I use with your Squirters ® ?” Answering this question tactfully requires some diplomacy. The question usually indicates that the caller isn’t aware of how variable the relationship between torque and tension is. The engineer who specified Squirter ® DTIs obviously has seen the light, but the guys in the field are sometimes still in the dark. That’s why when we do our field clinics, we always start with the Torque/Tension demonstration. We literally can see “the lights go on” in the attendees when we compare the tensions achieved with a dry fastener assembly to one that has been lubricated. So, we developed a Torque/Tension video of the demonstration. If there’s any doubt in your mind that bolt tension can vary ±30% when using torque, check out the “Torque Is Not Tension” video. There also is a misconception that Squirter ® DTIs are temperature sensitive. We know they aren’t; they’ve been used successfully at -30°F in Fort MacMurray, Alberta and at 140°F in Dubai, UAE. But we also know that seeing is believing. During a recent cold spell here in Vermont, we videoed a test of Squirters ® at 0°F. If you have any questions about temperature sensitivity, check out the “Squirter ® DTIs & Cold Weather” video. please turn to page 172

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