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Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2018 / Vol 41 No2


48 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK EARNEST MACHINE 1250 Linda St. Rocky River, OH 44116 TEL 1-800-327-6378 FAX 440-356-2409 EMAIL WEB EARNEST MACHINE CELEBRATES 70 YEARS OF PUTTING CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS FIRST When Paul Zehnder founded his fastener business in Cleveland in1948, he likely never imagined that it would still be going strong 70 years later. But Earnest Machine is indeed still going and growing, thanks in no small part to Zehnder’s idea of putting the needs of the customer first. “We’ve been following my grandfather’s lead and putting our customers’ needs first for 70 years, and will continue doing that,” said Kirk Zehnder president of Earnest Machine. “To that end, we’re focused on expanding our product lines, helping customers become more efficient, and making several investments as part of a continued commitment to manufacturing—all backed by our industry-leading service guarantee.” Along those lines, the company took several recent strides to better serve its customers, including: ¤ Expanded its product offering to more than 10,000 large-diameter and hard-to- find product SKUs, including domestic hex nuts and metric hex cap screws. ¤ Added capabilities for high-volume production and specialty drilling of holes from 3/64” to 13/32” and anywhere in between, including hex heads, socket heads, thread and core drilling. ¤ Added new machines to its Rocky River manufacturing facility to better manage workflow and enable Earnest to respond more quickly to rush orders. ¤ Recently relocated its Atlanta distribution center and will relocate its Indianapolis DC in spring of 2018. PAUL E. ZEHNDER FOUNDED EARNEST MACHINE IN 1948 WITH A SINGULAR IDEA, “PUT THE CUSTOMER AT THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING YOU DO”. The two facilities will be identical, with improved efficiency and speed. Zehnder notes that all of the above improvements are part of the company’s focus on “Five S” service: Sourcing, Standards, Specialty work, Services, and Support. “We’re able to source parts from anywhere in the world and can also do specialty work such drilling, cutting and machining parts to print which helps our customers turn opportunities into sales,” said Zehnder. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 49

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 49 EARNEST MACHINE EARNEST MACHINE CELEBRATES 70 YEARS OF PUTTING CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS FIRST from page 48 AS WE ENTER OUR 70TH YEAR, THE IDEA OF PUTTING THE CUSTOMER FIRST STILL REMAINS AND GUIDES OUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE. Earnest Machine also offers services that save customers time and money, including: ¤ Drop-shipping directly to your customers ¤ Online ordering to reduce time and effort ¤ Kitting and packing in poly bags with your logo or your customer’s logo ¤ Bulk quantity discounts ¤ Stock and release programs ¤ Broken case quantities so that you don’t have to buy 200 items when you only need 20. “The engineering and technical support we provide enables us to offer custom solutions,” noted Zehnder. “Finally, we’re proud of our robust quality control and adherence to ISO management standards. We’re one of the few companies that shares performance metrics such as order entry accuracy, parts accuracy, quantity accuracy and on-time delivery with our customers on a monthly basis, and we’re proud of our 99.96% overall accuracy rate.” To further raise awareness about the company’s 70th anniversary, Earnest Machine will help the industry focus on the future by sponsoring the inaugural Fastener Fair USA in Cleveland, OH, on April 11 and 12, 2018. “Fastener Fair USA is essentially being held in our back yard,” noted Zehnder, “so it makes sense that we celebrate our 70 years in the fastener industry by helping to make Fastener Fair USA a special event for everyone who attends. Earnest’s sponsorship will reinforce the company’s focus on “What’s Next” in the industry and will include the Earnest Main Stage, which will feature several experts speaking on topics such as marketing, sales and distribution, maintenance and repair, aerospace applications, fastener basics for industry newcomers and much more. “Cleveland was a manufacturing mecca and home to many fastener companies in 1948 when our company was founded,” added Zehnder. “The city lost some of its luster in the 70’s and 80’s but has come back strong. Our sponsorship of Fastener Fair USA will show that—like Cleveland—Earnest Machine is going strong and is ready to help define ‘What’s Next’ for our industry.” EARNEST HAS RECENTLY ADDED CAPABILITIES FOR HIGH- VOLUME PRODUCTION AND SPECIALTY DRILLING OF HOLES FROM 3/64” TO 13/32” AND ANYWHERE IN BETWEEN, INCLUDING HEX HEADS, SOCKET HEADS, THREAD AND CORE DRILLING. EARNEST MACHINE


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