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Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2019 / Vol 42 No2


38 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK FASCOMP ELECTRONIC HARDWARE 1235 Tradeport Drive, Orlando, FL 32824 TEL 407-226-2112 FAX 407-226-3370 EMAIL WEB FASCOMP HOSTS BIENNIAL NATIONAL SALES MEETING by Stan Lockhart Achieving 100% sales rep participation can be difficult unless you are Fascomp, and hold your popular biennial sales meeting in Orlando during January when the rest of the country is in a deep freeze! Fascomp continues to grow their business utilizing independent sales reps and this year honored a few groups who have been with them since the beginning...when success was not a forgone conclusion. Since that time, eighteen years ago, Fascomp has become the largest stocking source of electronic hardware in the business while maintaining their reputation as “the good guys!” The title is a credit to owners, Mark Georgia and Jason Bertone as they continue to drive the business along the lines of customer service and doing what the customers need. Exponential sales growth can be tough to manage as it taxes resources and internal systems while resulting in new avenues of brand recognition that need to be developed and nurtured. Fascomp has FASCOMP OWNERS, MARK GEORGIA (LEFT) AND JASON BERTONE (RIGHT) HONOR JACK GURLEY AS ONE OF THE REPS THAT HAS BEEN WITH THE COMPANY SINCE THE BEGINNING. OTHER REPS THAT RECEIVED THE AWARD, BUT NOT PICTURED HERE ARE ALAN LINDAHL AND TERRI MAY. IN ADDITION TO AN EXTENSIVE STANDARD INVENTORY FOR ELECTRONIC HARDWARE, FASCOMP PRODUCES SCREW MACHINE SPECIALS TO PRINT. responded with new products, many of them special screw machine parts for specific applications while also maintaining substantial inventories for industry standard spacers, standoffs, captive screws and related electronic hardware that distributors have come to rely on. New unique metric sizes are being added regularly to keep up with demand for smaller and more compact fully metric-designed apparatus used across multiple industries. Additionally, more domestic manufacturing at their Connecticut plant will help the company handle DFAR compliant requests and larger diameters where shipping and handling costs can be prohibitive for offshore production. Website improvements are underway as well as the introduction of a complete product line of socket shoulder and captive screws. Whether exhibiting at trade shows, advertising in industry magazines, providing lunch-and-learn training sessions for distributor purchasing, sourcing, and sales personnel, Fascomp is always inviting the customers to call upon their expertise in design, part recommendation. And, they are very willing to back it up with production samples! Shared investment dollars are available to distributors looking to expand their sales in the field of electronic hardware. And, while Fascomp does not currently have the benefit of print position on many OEM drawings....some very dated, they are happy to quote an equivalent part number cross, often at a fraction of the price. Fascomp also offers the lowest industry dollar minimum for line item cost at the same time willing to hold blanket purchase orders with price protection for an extended period of time. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE FASCOMP


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