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Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2021 / Vol 44 No 2


102 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK SALIM BRAHIMI THE HISTORY OF THE IFI BOOK OF FASTENER STANDARDS from page 14 [Link] What is the process for compiling the standards for each edition? The standards that are included are a curated mix of consensus standards from ASTM, ASME, SAE and the IFI itself. Systematically, these organizations require their technical committees to review the standards, at a minimum, in a five-year cycle. However, many standards are updated more frequently based on market or industry needs. Like the book itself, the standards have a shelf life and to do business in the fastener industry, it is important that the latest industry information is being referenced. [Link] How is the Book of Standards Structured? Edition to edition, IFI keeps the format consistent. The current format started with the 7th edition. This consistency makes the book intuitive and easy to use. Dimensional standards are at the beginning of each product section, followed by the related material standards. For example, the dimensional data for a bolt is given in ASME B18.2.1, located in the front of the Bolt Section, which also contains the material standards for SAE J429, ASTM A193, among others. One notable change, that was also true of the 2108 edition, is that the Book does not contain the term “Inch” because many of the consensus standards included have been combined into “dual inch/metric standards.” This consolidation has been part of the larger effort in fastener standards committees, ASTM F16, ASME B18 and the SAE Fastener Committee: to withdraw redundant ASTM, ASME and SAE metric fastener standards in favor of ISO Metric Fastener Standards. Although the term “Inch” was omitted from the title, this book fundamentally remains the comprehensive reference source for Inch Fastener Standards. [Link] You mentioned that IFI is also a source for some of its own standards? Yes. Many of the standards out there started as IFI standards. As things evolved, some IFI standards were adopted into larger standard bodies. IFI continues to develop its own standards to “fill in the gaps” for areas of interest for the industry. Currently, IFI has 22 active standards. These standards have been relatively stable, with minor updates over time. However, we are starting a systematic review of the IFI standards that will likely result in future updates. [Link] What has changed since the 2018 version of the Book of Fastener Standards? Almost half of the standards have been revised to some degree since the 2018 edition. This means a lot has changed in structural bolts and thread standards, as well as other areas in that period of time. Also, IFI has added two significant new standards that have been issued since the 2018 edition was released. To be effective, the standards must reflect the “state of the art” as it is currently—making the standards living documents that are continually changing and improving. Customers and quality auditors expect you to stay current with changing standards and to keep your library of standards current. Correcting errors resulting from unintended non-compliance can be very expensive and damaging to your business. [Link] As standards evolve between editions, how does the industry keep up with changes? In addition to the hardcover Book of Fastener Standards, IFI also maintains the Online Book of Fastener Standards, which was launched to address this dynamic landscape. The online version is available via subscription from IFI’s online bookstore. It contains the same standards as the hardcover book, with the significant advantage that the latest revision of any standard is available to subscribers as soon as it is released. The convenience of online access, paired with powerful search tools, make subscribing to the online edition a powerful resource to complement the hardcover edition. Incidentally, IFI offers a free, seven-day trial of the Online book of Fastener Standards. [Link] Is the online version replacing the hardcover release of the IFI Book of Fastener Standards? The hardcover Book is iconic, and a great item to keep on a bookshelf. It also serves as a historical record of the evolutions of standards. Many people, myself included, love the feel and touch of a real book. So, there is still significant demand for the hardcover book. Unfortunately, the book has a shelf life, and the clock starts ticking, literally the day it is published. There are many that work from both the online and hardcover versions. Online may gradually take over, but I anticipate that to be a couple of versions from now. CONTINUED ON PAGE 103

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 103 SALIM BRAHIMI THE HISTORY OF THE IFI BOOK OF FASTENER STANDARDS from page 102 [Link] Are online tools becoming the wave of the future for IFI? Yes. IFI offers the most advanced digital tools to access the latest fastener specifications and technical data. The IFI has also developed the IFI Technology Connection (ITC). It is the product of years of development and is the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative webbased tool for fastener technology information. All the data in inch fastener standards (ASME-ASTM-SAE-IFI) and ISO metric fastener standards have been integrated in the ITC. The IFI Technology Connection also includes many calculators, cross references, converters, technical bulletins, and inch and metric tools that fastener distributors and manufacturers need to use on a daily basis. [Link] What other IFI resources do you consider essential to own? The IFI Fastener Technology Handbook is sold as a companion to the IFI Book of Fastener Standards. The Fastener Technology Handbook is an extensive body of technical information and commentary on all technical matters related to fasteners. It is more than 300 pages of comprehensive and insightful information into fastener technology and fastener industry history. It is essential reading and meant to help educate fastener suppliers as well as end users and it should be in every technical library. To purchase the 2021 edition of the IFI Book of Fastener Standards or any of the resources available through the Industrial Fasteners Institute, visit SALIM BRAHIMI | INDUSTRIAL FASTENERS INSTITUTE


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