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Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2021 / Vol 44 No 2


104 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK JOE DYSART GOOGLE MAY UPDATE: LOWER RANKINGS FOR POORLY DESIGNED WEB SITES from page 24 The format is designed to ensure Web sites and Web browsers use encryption to exchange sensitive information like passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers and the like. These days, virtually every fastener distributor Web site that wants to be taken seriously uses HTTPs encryption, which is indicated in the Web address bar with the display of a tiny lock. So far, the advent of an icon indicating poor page experience icon is still talk. But it’s definitely worth monitoring closely. “This latest update just reinforces the importance of having a technicallysound Web site,” says Tyler Cameron, senior SEO manager, Seer, a digital marketing firm. “We often focus so heavily on content,” Tyler adds. “But remember, the foundation has to be there as well.” Indeed, even slight shortcomings in page speed alone can generate a disastrous fall-off in Web site visits, according to Sergio Arboledas, SEO manager, MintTwist, a digital marketing firm. Pages that take only three seconds to load, for example, still trigger a significant number of Web surfers to click away, Arboledas says. And pages that take six seconds to load increase the probability a Web surfer will click somewhere else by 106%, Aroboledas adds. Fortunately, Google is offering detailed guidance on the metrics it will be using to monitor Web site design and performance. Here’s a breakdown on those signals, as well as key tools fastener distributors can use to get an extremely granular look at how their Web sites are performing and how the design of those Web sites can be improved: ¤ Poor Performance on Mobile Devices: Given that excellent performance on mobile devices has been the Holy Grail for Google for a number of years, it’s EVEN WEB SITES WITH GOOD KEYWORDS AND SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION WILL BE PENALIZED IF THEIR OVERALL DESIGN NEEDS WORK GOOGLE WILL ALSO PENALIZE YOUR WEB SITE IF IT FINDS MALICIOUS CODE EMBEDDED THERE BY HACKERS no wonder the search engine is doubling-down on its requirements for this performance indicator. In a phrase, sites that are not designed for visitors using smartphones and similar small-screened devices will be penalized in a Google Page Experience evaluation. ¤ Annoying Pop-Ups and Other Interstitials: Those who grit their teeth when Web sites overload their screens with pop-ups, slide-into-view offers and similar annoyances should welcome Google’s renewed determination to impose a penalty on these behaviors. Yes, pop-ups and similar ads do sometimes work. But they may no longer be worth it if Google places your Web site lower in its search engine returns as a result. ¤ Malicious or Similar Software Onboard: While malware and similar software is often embedded on a Web site without the knowledge of the Web site owner, Google still plans to penalize Web site owners when it finds such software there. The message: Fastener distributors need to continually monitor their Web sites for possible sabotage. ¤ No HTTPS: Most site owners got the memo a few years back that Google would penalize Web sites that do no use the HTTPS standard. It’s a communications format used between a Web site and a Web browser that ensures all data transmitted is encrypted. Such encryption is critical for safer exchange on Web sites that accept credit cards and similar sensitive information. So if your fastener distributor Web site is still using the older HTTP standard, now is definitely the time to switch. ¤ Slow-Loading: Faster Web page download time has been a pursuit probably only moments after the first Web site was published to the Web. Google’s equation for speed is simple: the faster your Web site downloads in a browser, the potential higher ranking it will win in Google search engine returns. CONTINUED ON PAGE 144

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 105 UNICORP ELECTRONIC HARDWARE 291 Cleveland St, Orange, New Jersey 07050 TEL 1-800-526-1389 FAX 973 674-3803 EMAIL WEB UNICORP CELEBRATES ITS 50th ANNIVERSARY In 1971, Unicorp started with one man, Bernard Levine, a talented entrepreneur with experience in the electronic hardware industry. 50 years later, we are excited to celebrate our incredible accomplishments that have been achieved thanks to our employees, sales force, customers, and partners. Never forgetting our humble beginnings and challenges of a constantly evolving industry, we still operate with the same core principals, providing great quality products and superior service to customers while continuing to maintain a family and caring work culture, as well as being a socially and environmentally responsible company. In 50 years, Unicorp has undergone several important transformations. After Unicorp’s founder Bernard Levine retired in 1989, Steven Mercadante became the company’s managing partner. At that time, Unicorp started to find new areas of growth, quickly becoming one of the most recognized brand names in the industry with the most in-depth inventory in the nation. Looking to the future, Unicorp will continue to expand its manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of its customers. Custom and special parts can be manufactured to blueprint specifications. Unicorp offers top quality precision products, fast delivery, excellent pricing, and technical assistance. We are known throughout the industry as the “oddball king” because we offer the widest variety of diameters, lengths, materials, and finishes in our numerous product lines. We also have a new line of 7,000 flat washers available for immediate purchase. Unicorp is a proud partner and authorized distributor for Rotorclip retaining rings. Unicorp is a trusted source for many of the world’s largest distributors and catalog houses. The Unicorp product line consists of metric and American standard standoffs, spacers, male-female standoffs, male-male standoffs, jackscrews, swage standoffs and spacers, plastic circuit board supports, captive panel screws, nylon fasteners, cable ties, dowel pins, thumbscrews, thumbnuts, flat washers, insulating washers, selfclinching fasteners, handles. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE UNICORP ELECTRONIC HARDWARE


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