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Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2021 / Vol 44 No 2


110 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK PENN ENGINEERING SELF-CLINCHING FASTENERS & STAINLESS-STEEL ASSEMBLIES: APPLICATION SUCCESS from page 28 Verify Sufficient Installation Force Consistent With Fastener Thread Size Stainless steel self-clinching fasteners featuring relatively larger thread size will always require higher installation forces for proper fastener installation compared with smaller-thread clinch fasteners. It’s imperative that a fastener installation machine for these parts is equipped and verified to develop the necessary squeezing force for the application. Our catalog provide guidance on the installation forces required for every fastener. Choosing The Right Fastener Type For Your Application Significant strides have been made over the years to develop “stainless for stainless” clinch fasteners that meet various application requirements – whether for basic component attachment, stacking or spacing, or enabling subsequent access to assemblies. Here are some of today’s most notable families in the stainless clinch fastener category: Stainless self-clinching nuts These nuts provide strong load-bearing internal threads to accept mating screws. Upon nut installation, the reverse side of the sheet will flush and smooth. Styles include types with reduced outer dimensions and thinner sheet capabilities than standard, and “floating” versions to compensate for mating hole misalignment, among others. Stainless self-clinching thru-hole threaded standoffs & blind threaded standoffs These enable components to be stacked or spaced in an assembly (unthreaded types have been introduced for spacing multipanel assemblies). These fasteners are installed with heads flush with one surface of the mounting sheet, and, in the case of blind styles, the outer sheet surface is both flush and closed. Stainless self-clinching flush-head studs These fasteners mount flush in stainless sheets and include types demonstrating especially high hardness and corrosion resistance properties. Stainless self-clinching captive panel screws This family of fasteners represents the latest generation of access hardware for stainless applications. These complete, springloaded assemblies meet UL 1950 “service area access requirements” and their captive-screw design removes handling and installation issues associated with loose screws. The Extended Portfolio The portfolio of stainless self-clinching fasteners has further been expanded to include ¤ Swaging collar studs to accommodate multiple panels ¤ Fasteners enabling flush “face-on-face” sheet attachment in stainless steel ¤ Internally threaded floating nuts to allow for mating hole misalignment and locking threads ¤ “Micro” pins and studs that can be highly customized for compact consumer electronics applications The Full-Service Partner Advantage As stainless applications continue to emerge and evolve, stainless self-clinching fastening solutions will expand in response. Partnering with not only an experienced manufacturer – but with someone who offers value-add services such as application engineering expertise, testing, technical cleanliness offerings, and after-sales tech support – will ensure you a successful outcome for your application, and a competitive advantage in today’s challenging market. PENN ENGINEERING


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