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Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2021 / Vol 44 No 2


116 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK JIM TRUESDELL TECHNOLOGY AND MEETINGS OF THE FUTURE from page 36 Using avatars could replicate the experience of actual face to face meetings without the intrusion of actual video feeds showing a person’s home environment or screenshots that might invade their privacy more than they would have intended. Data collection derived from employee badges will be able to track worker interaction with others and that data can then be used to determine which employees function well together during the workday so those compatible people can be placed on joint project teams to ensure smooth functioning groups. Effective meeting planning has always stressed keeping to an agenda, good note taking, the identification of action items and assignments, with deadlines then allocated by the manager in charge. What if artificial intelligence became capable of listening to and analyzing a meeting flow to prepare those notes, identify the action items and assignments, and then due dates could be allocated by the manager in charge? Perhaps best of all, software could help to keep meetings on time track and put an end to interminable wastes of time where egotistical managers or participants use these gatherings to show off their skill or authority or to enhance their office politics agenda. Those kind of limitations would be something I would think most people would welcome. Only good things can come from less time stuck in meetings and more time left for bringing tasks to fruition. If one buys into the idea that the manager of the future will not be an authoritarian dictator imposing his or her agenda and will be more of a coach aiming to bring out the creativity of the staff, then technological enhancements to the meeting process will be accepted if they help people grow in their empowerment and realization of career growth. These changes will likely not be accepted if they merely increase management control and rob people of their autonomy as to how they participate in meetings and structure their own contributions to the workplace goals. Change is a constant, but we need to be aware of the kind of culture we want to create. Will we be “Theory X” manager - believing we can only pull acceptable behaviors from our workers by incentives or disincentives? Or will we be “Theory Y” managers who expect the best from our staffers and show trust in their ability to give that effort? I would suspect most of us would opt for a little less electronic monitoring and more confidence placed in our people! JIM TRUESDELL JO MORRIS A BRAND-NEW OFFERING FOR FASTENER BASICS TRAINING from page 38 In addition to basic training, FTI returns to in-person instruction with a new and refreshed Fastener Training Week curriculum. Under the leadership of Laurence Claus (NNi Training and Consulting) and assisted by Salim Brahimi (IFI Director of Engineering & Technology) this week-long intensive training program has been refreshed to include more interactive content, revised class presentations and an expanded course outline. For the fourth year, the Mid West Fastener Association will host Fastener Training Week in Chicago from August 16th-20th. Students are invited to attend the MWFA’s Tabletop Show and networking event during the week. Later in the year, the Pacific West Fastener Association will host Fastener Training Week in Los Angeles from November 29th – December 3rd. New classes and course development are essential for FTI and industry support is critical to achieve this. For the third year we are pleased to announce that Würth Industry North America has partnered with FTI as our 2021 Sustaining Sponsor. The generous support of Würth will continue to help FTI fund both existing programs and develop the new content needed to grow. Although we are excited to get back to live classes and “social gathering” we remind you that on-line learning is stronger than ever. During the COVID19 travel restrictions FTI comprehensively invested in our on-demand curriculum which now includes over 40 fastener related topics developed for fastener professionals at all levels of experience. Subscription packages are available to fit any budget requirement. Please visit our website at www. for a detailed description regarding all our classes and webinars. If you would like to receive our newsletter please email Jo Morris at JO MORRIS | FASTENER TRAINING INSTITUTE

Ramco Specialties, Inc., has completed the process of consolidating multiple brands into a single Ramco brand. Formerly known as Copa Tool, Ramco’s hub for machining expertise in South Lyon, MI, will now be known as Ramco Michigan. With locations in Hudson OH, South Lyon MI and Gavardo, Italy, this consolidation will provide our customers with a global unified point of contact for a vast array of manufactured products. In addition to these changes, Ramco Specialties will invest more than m in new equipment, including forming equipment for large diameter product as well as new CNC machining centers. “Our customers continue to request localized production to minimize supply chain risk. We have made the strategic decision to invest in new capabilities to meet these customer demands. Our business continues to transition from a distribution model to a domestic manufacturer of engineered specialty parts,” said Rick Malson, President. This transition can be seen by reviewing our new website at The website highlights Ramco’s domestic manufacturing of cold-formed parts, assemblies, Strux® nuts, clinch nuts, hydraulic fittings, machined parts and other engineered items. Services include FSP programs, specialty shipping and logistics, kit bagging, and high-speed inspection. Ramco has longstanding experience servicing the Tier 1 automotive market. The company’s new website emphasizes its capabilities to supply automotive segments such as electric vehicle parts, body in white, chassis, suspension, powertrain and seating. It also details several recent projects for defense, aerospace, agriculture, and heavy industry. New photography and video showcase recent machinery updates and product highlights. Providing a safe and dynamic work environment is a priority for Ramco. In an ongoing effort to attract top tier talent the new website includes a section devoted to careers, culture, and inclusivity. This also includes the company’s commitment to sustainability, safety, individual employee growth, and community involvement. For more information about Ramco Specialties Inc, Tel: 330-653-5135, Email: info@ramcospecialties. com or online at THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 117


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