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Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2021 / Vol 44 No 2


168 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK JOHN GRAHAM PRESENTING YOUR WAY TO THE TOP from page 166 They want to know why they should buy what you’re selling. They want to know why they should join your cause or accept your proposal. In other words, listeners want to know what to do. Logic alone doesn’t do it; it requires confidence. Why should you take presenting seriously? Why is it worth your time and effort to send the message that you will do what others fear. Why is it one of the most valued skillsets in business? It demonstrates that you have the ability—the skill—to influence others—and opens the doors to advancement. Rules for Building Confidence Just saying that confidence is needed isn’t enough. Here are rules that help achieve the confidence goal. RULE #1 - Prepare properly. Creating an outline doesn’t do it, and neither does “having in mind” what you want to say. Proper preparation means writing out every word you’re going to say. This is how to shape and focus your message—and get rid of what’s useless or irrelevant. Every presenter is nervous—but knowing what you’re going to say creates confidence. RULE #2 - Control the situation. Presenters are actors—and they’re also directors. It’s their job to set the stage—to take control. A wealth management firm engaged a well-known business school professor to speak at a client event. When more guests than expected showed up, the speaker was put in an untenable position of standing by himself in the middle of the room, surrounded by the guests. No one could succeed in such conditions, and he didn’t. Experienced speakers make their expectations known so they can be successful. RULE #3 - Never apologize. Avoid such statements as “I’m not a speaker” or “I only wish I had more time to prepare” or “My grandmother’s cat died.” What they do is broadcast your lack of self-confidence. Those listening may still be sitting there, but they’re gone, never to return. Presenting isn’t about you, so don’t let yourself down. RULE #4 - Break the PowerPoint habit. Dependence slides is an addiction, and once it has you in its grasp, it won’t let loose. Use slides and other props, such as videos and graphics, sparingly to support your presentation. Never read from the screen; keep the focus on you and what you’re saying. RULE #5 - Start strong. Demonstrate confidence from the get-go. Drop the “warm up” stuff and stay away from jokes, unless you’re an experienced stand-up comic. What works may be telling a story about how your product or service helps customers and how it can benefit them. Don’t waste time; get to why you’re there and why it’s in the best interest of your listeners to hear what you have to say. RULE #6 - Give them a roadmap. Don’t let listeners get lost in a swamp, make a wrong turn, or be distracted by other sights along the way. To keep listeners focused on what you’re saying, let them know where you’re going. Example: “Here’s where we are today. We have three choices. Only one of them will get us where we want to be.” The roadmap enhances confidence. RULE #7 - Compelling close. Never leave listeners confused or up in the air. That only shatters their confidence in you and your message. The closing task is to reaffirm why your proposal, plan, concept, or initiative is correct, and most importantly, what can be lost if it isn’t approved or adopted. Why is presenting a skill that’s key to career advancement? It demonstrates all the right qualities—the ability to analyze issues, leadership, and most of all instill confidence. JOHN GRAHAM

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 169 WORLDWIDEFASTENERSOURCES.COM, LLC TEL 602-793-2383 EMAIL WEB 2021 FASTENER INNOVATION AWARD WINNERS By Mike McGuire Mike McGuire,’s President is pleased to announce the seven winners of the original Fastener Innovation Awards for the 2021 class. Innovation is a very powerful motivator and one of the greatest qualities Americans have and use every day. The United States leads the world in innovation, particularly in fasteners and fastening application systems. Even COVID 19 could not slow down fastener innovation as it is very strong and ongoing. It is called a “Technology Trend” in the fastener industry. Worldwide Fastener has taken their entrepreneurial spirit once again in developing the Fastener Innovation Award to recognize the people and companies that are leading the way to specific performance with new fastener innovation, development, and design. Today, fastener engineers and designers dictate that fasteners are an important component of product design and are now an important component of product design and are now thought of “first” in specifying fastening application, BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE not an afterthought of how to assemble the product. The driving force in the evaluation process for a Fastener Innovation Award by Worldwide Fastener is that the fasteners be innovative in assemblies today and that they will be tomorrow’s standard. Our philosophy is continuous improvement with the innovative solutions for customers fastening applications. The Certificate of Recognition along with the unique innovative modern Crystal Marquise globe will be delivered in early April to the following seven winners. APM HEXSEAL (Nutzilla), CAMO® Fasteners (EDGEXMETAL Clips), Cat’s Claw Fasteners © (Cat’s Claw Fasteners © ), HYTORC (HYTORC J-WASHER), Jergens® (Lift-Check ), Multi Piece Fastener (Foreverlok ) and SPIROL® International (Press-N-Lok ). The Fastener Innovation Awards is a year around project and will now receive applications for the 2022 class. For more details, contact Mike McGuire at WORLDWIDE FASTENER SOURCES.COM Valley Forge & Bolt, America’s leading manufacturer of load indicating fasteners, is proud to announce the new High Temp Maxbolt®. The robust performer is able to operate in temperatures up to 650°F for near limitless applications and proven performance in extended high temperature run times and thermal cycling. The new High Temp Maxbolt®, like the original Maxbolt®, helps to reduce downtime, premature wear, and catastrophic joint failures in critical industries—including processing, mining, and energy. Maxbolt® products feature a built-in analog gauge. During operation, technicians literally see if load ever falls out of spec on any bolt, addressing the need immediately instead of waiting for critical equipment failure. With an accuracy of +/- 5%, compliant with ASTM F2482, the High Temp Maxbolt® provides real-time tension indication where process and environment may result in elevated temperatures. Employing all similar materials, a high-temperature lens, and easy-to-read gauge, High Temp Maxbolt® operates both in rapid thermal cycle applications and in prolonged high-temp situations. “We know customers have been eager for a high-temperature version of Maxbolt® because they value the safety and time-savings it brings to their applications,” said James Brooks, Valley Forge & Bolt’s head of engineering and business development. “We’re pleased that we have combined the right blend of materials and precision worthy of the Maxbolt® name.” High Temp Maxbolt® is available in all the standard diameters and grades as original Maxbolt®. Valley Forge & Bolt proudly produces innovative, industry-leading fasteners. Their patented bolting products are widely trusted for their unrivaled quality, extraordinary performance and enduring reliability. With the ability to produce both standard and custom fasteners, Valley Forge & Bolt is truly a custom bolt manufacturer for over 45 years. For more information about Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg. Co., contact them by Tel: 1-800-832-6587 or visit them online at


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