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Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2021 / Vol 44 No 2


38 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Jo Morris Marketing Director, Fastener Training Institute ® FASTENER TRAINING INSTITUTE ® 5318 East 2nd Street #325, Long Beach, CA 90803 TEL 562-473-5373 FAX 661-449-3232 EMAIL WEB A BRAND-NEW OFFERING FOR FASTENER BASICS TRAINING The Fastener Training Institute is presenting Fastener Basics like you have never seen before – in 22 live webinar sessions! Instructed by Carmen Vertullo, each topic is discussed in an open format with the opportunity to interact and ask questions. This fast-paced program will cover all the topics relevant to new fastener professionals and is recommended for all sales, purchasing, warehouse, quality, and management personnel. Each 90-minute session will start with an opportunity to ask questions covering the previous session and if you miss a week your subscription will provide unlimited access to all previously recorded Fastener Basics Sessions. Students may join at any time and catch up at their own pace. Each webinar will cover both inch and metric products and will leave students prepared for advanced learning in the FTI’s Certified Fastener Specialist (CFS) training program. Here Are The Topics, Presented Biweekly Week 1 - Fastener Standards & Screw Threads - Including ISO Metric Week 2 - Bolts & Hex Cap Screws (Hex Head Products) Week 3 - Socket Products Week 4 - Machine Screws Week 5 - Hex Nuts Week 6 - Lock Nuts Week 7 - Blind Rivets Week 8 - Tapping Screws Week 9 - Pins & Washers Week 10 - Other Non-Threaded Fasteners TECHNICAL ARTICLE Week 11 - Anchors Week 12 - Vibration Resistance Week 13 - Platings & Coatings Week 14 - Materials - Steel Week 15 - Materials - Stainless Steel & Others Week 16 - Fastener Quality Assurance Week 17 - Structural Bolting Week 18 - Electronic Assembly Hardware Week 19 - Lifting Hardware Week 20 - Aerospace Fasteners Week 21 - Fastener Inspection Week 22 - Fastener Testing Instructed by Carmen Vertullo who is one of the most well-known and respected trainers and consultants in the fastener industry. He has trained hundreds of fastener professionals in basic and advanced fastener industry topics. He has worked in fastener distribution and he knows about the issues and concerns that all fastener suppliers face daily. His goal is sharing his knowledge and experience with the new generation of fastener professionals and help tune-up the seasoned experts. With Carmen’s help, students will come away with knowledge that would take years of experience to attain in just a few months. His ability to present technical information in an easily understandable way and his endless and unforgettable fastener war stories guarantee an interesting and exciting learning experience. CONTINUED ON PAGE 116

The Auto Bolt Company is proud to announce and welcome Garrett Hedges as the Company’s V.P. of Sales. Garrett will be responsible for managing our internal and external sales force. He will also focus business development and strategic planning. As a Senior Executive, Garrett brings over 20 years of experience to Auto Bolt. His professional background working in corporate environments includes; building products, distribution, tooling, and manufacturing. He is a customer-driven leader, committed to building long lasting relationships with customers and his sales teams. With his knowledge and qualifications in product development and sales strategies, Garrett will no doubt be a great fit here at Auto Bolt. Garrett received his MBA from the College of William and Mary, Mason School of Business. This husband and father of 3, loves spending time with his family, including weekends at the soccer field. Located in Cleveland, OH, Autobolt is an independently owned manufacturer of quality fasteners since 1948. Auto Bolt is a leading provider of fasteners for various industrial, distribution and original equipment markets and applications to include Truck and Trailer, Military, Construction and Agricultural equipment, as well as Automotive components. For more information contact The Auto Bolt Company by telephone at 1-800-988-BOLT or online at THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 39


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