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Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2021 / Vol 44 No 2


66 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Robert Footlik Robert B. Footlik, PE is a retired Professional Industrial Engineer. With over 50 years’ experience as a Warehouse and Logistics Consultant to a wide variety of clients including Fastener Distributors, Bob has a wealth of valuable information for our industry and he is willing to share it. While Footlik & Associates is now closed, his expertise is still available to his friends and our readers. For friendly advice, a second opinion or just to start a conversation, he can be reached at IMPROVING THE RECEIVING PROCESS You Can’t Ship What You Don’t Know You Have Even if the merchandise is right in front of your eyes if it isn’t fully received, in the system and accounted for, shipping the carton to a customer is a not just a bad idea, it’s an invitation to theft and another brick in the path of good intentions on the road to bankruptcy. Accounting and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) rely on timely, accurate and honest inputs. This starts with the receiving process. Taking Control Of Receiving Does Not Begin In Your Building Both scheduling and predictability can be built into the ordering process. We often take this for granted with FedEx and UPS deliveries and plan the operations around the carrier’s schedule regardless of whether it makes sense for our context. If the staff and dock doors are maxed out in the mornings work with the shippers and/or common carriers to establish a mutually beneficial afternoon schedule. Similarly regular full truck and Less Than Load (LTL) shipments can be timed to avoid congestion at your dock and get the carrier’s truck back on the road sooner. Doing this isn’t very difficult, it only takes a phone call, Email or letter. Establishing a “preferred carrier” relationship and specifying a cooperative trucker on the order can create a team instead of individuals working at cross purposes. This leads to knowing what volume and items are coming, thus setting the stage for labor utilization CONTRIBUTOR ARTICLE efficiency, inventory accuracy and planned resource allocations. The objective is to level the labor and dock peaks/valleys to eliminate downtime followed by frantic activity. Good managers maintain a steady flow of goods and workload. Poor management leads to stress and an unmotivated staff. For larger facilities a simple trick is to direct inbound freight to the door closest to where the materials will be stored or utilized. This isn’t difficult once you make dock planning a habit. One of our clients had a building of 200,000 square feet, 200’ deep X 1,000’ long with 70 doors. Directing freight inbound and out according to the inventory storage pattern saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in just 3 months. If your warehouse holds customer inventory, has some seasonality or if the product line has interrelationships (ex. threaded rod with associated washers and nuts) keep the products together in the warehouse and bring the trucks to the dock door closest to the point of storage or usage. Running A Good Operation Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry It’s what makes customers and management love you. When the receiving department clearly and accurately labels the incoming products errors at every point down the line are reduced or eliminated. CONTINUED ON PAGE 130

INTERNATIONAL FASTENERS, INC. THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 67 Tampa . Charlotte . Chicago . Dallas . Los Angeles . Philadelphia TEL 1-888-241-0203 FAX 1-888-241-2096 EMAIL WEB INTERNATIONAL FASTENERS, INC. LAUNCHES DAGGERZ U International Fasteners, Inc. announces the launch of Daggerz U, a university built to offer online training for their products and applications. Focused on offering the same quality and value as they do for their products, International Fasteners, Inc. is striving to provide a unique training experience for those in the industry. With the tagline “Welcome to Screw School,” Daggerz U currently offers four courses ranging from the basics such as Screw Identification as well as Terminology and Specifications to more in-depth training on the applications of Long Length Self Drills and Wood and Light Gauge Framing. Each course is designed to provide an informative presentation or video followed by a quiz to test your knowledge. Each course offers the ability to revisit the presentation or video to ensure you have every opportunity to learn the material or even just review. International Fasteners, Inc. plans on releasing two new courses on the 15th of every month. New courses BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE will appear on the homepage and will be announced on their social media channels. To get started, go to the Daggerz website and select Training. Known as the Distributor’s Choice for Daggerz brand Quality Construction Fasteners, International Fasteners, Inc. offers one of the most comprehensive fastener selections and are sold exclusively through the distribution channel. Fastener offerings include an extensive line of self drill screws, drywall screws, deck screws, wood screws, concrete screws, post frame screws, needle point screws, panel clip screws, specialty aluminum industry screws, bonded washers, bits and threaded rod. All of the Daggerz brand screws are packaged in color coded cartons for ease of material identification and are shipped from any one of the six stocking locations throughout the US. Make International Fasteners, Inc. your choice for online training today! INTERNATIONAL FASTENERS, INC.


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