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Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2022 / Vol 45 No 2


30 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Bruno Marbacher Dear Reader - Tamper proof screws are meant to be difficult or impossible to remove. They are intended to prevent unauthorized removal or tampering. In this article, we cover the usual types and how they work. We do not advertise ways to tamper or remove tamper resistant screws. The use of tamper proof screws has increased in recent years to prevent theft, interference, and block access to the working parts of cell phones and other electronic gadgets. Bruno Marbacher earned his mechanical engineering degree in Switzerland, he also holds a business degree. He started out as a tool and die maker (poly-mechanic) and over the years he has held various management positions in quality and engineering. During his time in America he has developed and given numerous seminars on topics related to the proper use of mechanical fasteners and machine elements, and assists engineers in solving fastening/assembly issues. His has groomed and directed many young engineers in fastening/assembly technology. He now offers his 40 years of experience through writing and lecturing. DRIVING SYSTEMS FOR FASTENERS – TAMPERPROOF DRIVES What Are Security Screws And Fasteners Used For? Security screws and tamperproof fastenings deliver practical, low-cost protection for a wide range of items from safety railings to park benches and access hatches …and much more. They provide a simple way to deter thieves and vandals. When selecting a tamper proof screw there are several factors to consider such as: ¤ The level of security required ¤ Does the screw need to be removed at any time? ¤ Is a high tightening torque required? ¤ Is the aesthetic appearance important? ¤ Is It merely to discourage a prank or vandalism? ¤ Does it need to protect high critical, sensitive or high voltage equipment Standard tamper proof screws are just that – they are highly resistant to tampering but a really determined person may be able to remove them. As mentioned above, we do not publish ways to tamper or remove TECHNICAL ARTICLE tamper resistant screws, we merely address ways as to how to make tampering even more challenging. A heattreated screw or screws with an inserted heat-treated pin is extremely difficult to remove. If that screw is recessed (the deeper, the better), the head cannot be “manipulated”, so the security is even more enhanced. The term manipulating refers to processes such as filing, sawing, drilling, milling etc., The shape of the head is also critical, cylindrical heads may be loosened with plyers if enough force can be applied. Truss head, button heads make it much more complicated, if that type of head is recessed tampering becomes extremely difficult. Including a serration underneath the head or applying a nylon locking batch increases the difficulty of an unauthorized removing. CONTINUED ON PAGE 110


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