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Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2022 / Vol 45 No 2


44 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK COMPUTER INSIGHTS INC. 108 Third Street, Bloomingdale, IL 60108 TEL 1-800-539-1233 EMAIL WEB CERTIFICATE MANAGEMENT: STOP MISTAKES AND SAVE TIME by Dennis Cowhey Is Certificate Management Slowing You Down? Maintaining and delivering proper certifications is as important as delivering the right part in many instances. Fastener distributors know that it can become a complex part to handle if an item requires certification. Each product can have varying certification requirements for each customer. When entering a purchase order, someone must specify the type of certifications that are required. If your software does not have a certificate management system integrated into your purchasing processes, things are easily and often lost later down the line when the details are crucial. Costly mistakes can be made that result in returns and can lose customers. Knowledge In The Warehouse While receiving inventory, someone needs to know what information is required, and they must be confident that they go with the product. Certifications are often different based on individual customer requirements. Depending on who you are selling to, an order could require any combination of documentation. Material Test Reports (MTR) are a certified record of a material’s physical and chemical properties. These qualities are necessary for assuring proper compliance, reporting, and application purposes. In some instances, an MTR is enough; other times, it is not enough or can be too much. The warehouse personnel needs to be able to identify the correct lot of the product that has the required certifications on file, and they need to be sure that the documents go out with the product. If any step in this process is missed, there is big trouble. When orders are shipped without the required paperwork, customers reject the parts and insist that all the missing documentation be produced. Once a customer writes up your company for nonconformance, you risk losing all future sales to that customer. Let Salespeople Sell When a customer orders a part that usually requires certifications, the person placing the order may not specify it during the sales call. When the salesperson is taking an order, they should not have to remember to identify the customer’s previously stated requirements. When your system remembers the details, you are free to stay focused on selling and customer relationships. If you require manual steps during your sales process and in each stage of handling parts to assure that the proper certs go out, you are inviting problems. This approach is time-consuming and errorprone. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 120

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 45 UNICORP ELECTRONIC HARDWARE 291 Cleveland St, Orange, New Jersey 07050 TEL 1-800-526-1389 FAX 973 674-3803 EMAIL WEB UNICORP OFFERS CUSTOM PARTS AND SERVICES Unicorp Electronic Hardware is proud to announce that we are offering custom designed products. Parts can be manufactured to blueprints and we can modify all standard products to meet your specifications. Unicorp can manufacture any type of CNC and automatic screw machine part. Additionally, Unicorp provides custom services for complete technical support that can lead to cost-savings and design improvement. We offer the largest range of material options and finishes in the industry. Unlike our competitors, we can accommodate fast deliveries at no extra charge. Since 1971, Unicorp has been a socially and environmentally responsible leading manufacturer of American standard and metric precision electronic hardware, fasteners and handles. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer satisfaction and our commitment to support the needs of our distributors. Unicorp offers top quality products, fast delivery, excellent pricing, technical assistance, and manufacturer to customer print specifications. We are known throughout the industry as the “oddball king” because we offer the widest variety of diameters, lengths, and finishes in our numerous product lines. The best way to view our products is on our website,, complete with all products, sales information, specifications, engineering, and tolerances. If you would like to request more information about our products, call us at 973-674-1700 or 800-526-1389 or email us at Product lines consist of: Standoffs & Spacers, Male to Female Standoffs, Male to Male Standoffs, Jackscrews, Swage Standoffs, Captive Screws and Retainers, Insulating Shoulder & Flat Washers, NAS/MS Hardware, Shoulder Screws, Plastic Circuit Board Supports, Nylon Fasteners, Dowel Pins, Thumbscrews & Thumbnuts, Self-Clinching Fasteners, Cable Ties, 24 styles of Handles, Fixed, Folding, Rack- Panel & Ferrules. Unicorp Electronic Hardware is used by leading companies in nearly every industry including electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, military, medical, computer, automotive, energy, robotics, marine, PCB mounting, circuit board assembly. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE UNICORP ELECTRONIC HARDWARE


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