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Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2022 / Vol 45 No 2


46 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK TEL 323-817-2226 EMAIL WEB THE BENEFITS OF EVENTS: WHY TRADE SHOWS ARE CRITICAL TO CONNECTION by London Penland Even in today’s digital age, trade shows continue to be an effective marketing strategy staple. They allow businesses a personal touchpoint to connect with potential buyers and existing customers that simply cannot be replicated online. Rapid advancements in connecting online audiences, such as social media, webinars and video conferencing, may appear to make the need for face-to-face events obsolete, however, in-person events still offer benefits that other marketing methods cannot. If anything, market research indicates that such technology has enabled greater engagement at such events. A trade show, especially a trade show with the depth and breadth of the International Fastener Expo, provides a personal and exciting experience (vital components in making the critical connections that define our presence within the industry). As you plan for this year and the years ahead, especially within the context of recently tumultuous market changing events, consider how exhibiting at IFE, taking place October 17-19, 2022 at Mandalay Bay, may help you and your business effectively adapt to current market conditions to best meet the needs of your current customers and establish relationships with potential new customers. In-person interactions help build trust more effectively, especially when compared to exchanging emails or other digital methods. At a trade show, sales leaders, owners, purchasing leaders, engineers and other industry individuals can communicate face-to-face with existing and potential customers. This increases the odds of a positive customer for a variety of reasons and supported by an overwhelming amount of psychological SHOW EVENT ARTICLE research, there are plenty of books on this topic for business and sales leaders. A few big ones are the fact that communication is not delayed. Customers are also less likely to misinterpret information, allowing for stronger rapport to be built and as we all know, especially in the fastener industry, building and maintaining the trust of your customers is crucial for success. Not to mention, I find meeting with customers in-person can help you build lasting relationships built on trust, therefore when I conduct follow-ups and additional conversations with customers they will be more efficient since the customer has personally met me beforehand and may have recently discussed their needs. Just like with human relationships, our business relationships require maintenance. For example, the availability of rooms for rent for having more intimate professional conversations with crucial individuals and businesses, enables businesses to efficiently make use of the industry’s presence. CONTINUED ON PAGE 122

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