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Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2023 / Vol 46 No 2


42 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Chris Donnell Chris Donnell is the National Sales Director for Scanwell Logistics International (CHI) Inc., specializing in Supply Chain Management, Inventory Control, Logistics Sales and Management. Chris excels at selling the “Solution” to advanced program analysis and implementation. A highly ambitious and effective team leader who thrives on the challenges of this industry, Chris currently oversees a National Sales and Partnership Program consisting of more than 100 Sales executives who focus primarily on SCM and Logistics development in most vertical markets. Contact Chris at 847-228-6789 or email: CHANGES ARE HAPPENING Change is the only thing in this world that is truly constant – it’s only a matter of time, but everything changes. This is so true in the Logistics World. While most are fearful of change, I think the changes in the Global Supply Chain we’ve all seen over the past several months have been welcomed with open arms. Since the start of Covid, and what seemed to be an overnight dive into service interruptions, things have finally subsided. Congestion has all but dried up and we have actually had some positive momentum concerning both the ILWU and rail situations. Another bright spot is that the rates are plummeting, nearing back to where they were pre-pandemic. For importers, this is a huge sigh of relief. Overall, things are looking up for the Global Supply Chain. Rather than reflect on past issues, I want to start off the new year with “what to expect in 2023.” Let’s start with the obvious, what’s going on with the two 800-pound gorillas, the ILWU and the Rail Unions. For starters, both unions and the employers have tried relentlessly to eliminate most, if not all, outside interference or distractions. Between the severity of the situation and the current state we are in, that’s become nearly impossible. The media’s involvement has given both the unions and the owners tit for tat leverage when it comes to negotiations which is why neither side from each industry have yet to finalize any type of long-term agreement. For instance, the ILWU and the PMA are accusing one another of sabotage. Whether it’s the PMA stating the Longshoreman are fabricating CONTRIBUTOR ARTICLE safety issues or slowing down the flow of cargo (which is incredibly costly to terminal operators, ocean carriers and ultimately the importers), the slowdowns and work stoppages have the ability to completely shut down operations in some of the busiest terminals in America. Since early summer, both sides have made little headroom when it comes to finalizing an actual longterm agreement. The rail situation seems to be a bit more stable than that of the ILWU / PMA. While the contention between the rail unions and the rail owners was well documented in late 2022 (which resulted in Congress intervening to avoid a destructive strike), they have made some significant strides to address the front-line labor and their quality-of-life issues. The rail owners have started to listen to the employees and started to listen to the customers, and the end result is a contract which is a positive step in the right direction considering they were without a contract for more than 3 years. One important item for the rail unions was the rail owners use of furloughs, especially during economic situations. The rail owners have reacted to this by eliminating or instituting stringent conditions for the use of furloughs. Another situation which has changed dramatically is the congestion issue at our nation’s ports. For all intents and purposes, congestion is a thing of the past. There are a few isolated issues still being reported due to the lack of being able to return containers to ports or rail ramps. CONTINUED ON PAGE 118

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 43 INTEGRATED PACKAGING & FASTENER INC. 1211 Norwood Ave, Itasca 60143 TEL 1-800-807-5510 EMAIL WEB INTEGRATED PACKAGING IS OFF TO A GREAT START IN 2023 2023 marks Integrated Packaging & Fastener’s 22nd year in business and we could not have done it without all of our great customers we work with every day. IPF has acquired a few new pieces of machinery to help with the demand of our customers packaging requirements. We can also do light assemblies and we also have 2 pemserters. If you need PEM assemblies, we are happy to help you with that. Integrated also has a 50 ton press for larger assemblies. We have just purchased a Keyence machine that will be able to do a deeper inspection of parts if you need something checked by us prior to bagging. We carry a variety of flat poly bags, zip locks, bio-degradable bags, and can package your product in just about anything you require. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE In 2022, we promoted Greg Adleman to sales manager of Integrated Packaging. Greg is able to help with all of your quotes and orders. He can be reached at 847-439-5730 or at We have a whole team to help with all of your kitting requirements from start to finish. Our team is there to get you your kits quickly and efficiently. We hope to be your One-Stop- Shop for all your packaging needs. Our President Jill Lewis was elected to Vice President of MWFA. Jill is also on the board of WIFI (Women in Fastener Industry). Last but not least, this is Jill’s 20th year at Integrated Packaging - thank you for all you do! All of us at Integrated Packaging wish you a wonderful 2023 and we look forward to hearing from you and working with you on all your packaging needs! INTEGRATED PACKAGING & FASTENER


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