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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer Issue 2011 / VOL 34 / NO.3

continued from page 18

continued from page 18 The name Micro Plastics, Inc. was born out of a need for small plastic components, however, they are now investing in building larger parts as well, currently with machines that are able to produce over 400 tons of pressure. This has allowed them to manufacture much larger parts in higher volume. Additionally, the larger capacity equipment allows them to produce multi-cavity molds for smaller parts. Supplementing the in-house machinery, some of the automated modular tooling and robotics are bought in or customized for their own needs. This fact alone means that the possibilities are limitless for custom parts. In all that they do, quality assurance is high on their list of achievements and as such, Micro Plastics, Inc. are proud to say that their manufacturing process is clean and non-polluting. In their current facility, they operate their own tooling fabrication department equipped with the finest state of the art EDM, Wire EDM, CNC mills, machining centers and finishing equipment. The Toolmakers in the operation areas possess skilled technical training and experience to provide quality tooling with which to manufacture the parts needed to the customers’ unique specifications. In addition, their Engineering Design personnel can interface with designers to maximize the quality and accuracy of the finished product desired via Solid Works design software. With more than sufficient training and experience at their disposal, Micro Plastics, Inc. can satisfy client requirements from part engineering and design, tooling fabrication, stateof-the-art injection, inspection and shipping. The company has the capabilities to provide all of the injection molding expertise expected from the leader in plastic fastener manufacturing. "A big factor that has kept us relevant in today's rapidly changing global marketplace, has been our ability to adapt new technology in ways that help us deliver our products and solve customer's problems.” - TOM HILL, PRESIDENT & CEO Micro Plastic, Inc.’s success can be attributed to the unique characteristics of their products. The plastic component industry is currently growing at a faster rate than the metal fastener industry, due to the advantages of the plastic products. Plastic components are vibration resistant, lightweight, electrical insulators and are corrosion resistant. They allow for faster implementation and are the most cost effective of the fastener components. Micro Plastics, Inc. are constantly evaluating new ways to implement their new and existing product lines to increase their market presence. continued on page 22 micro plastics, inc


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