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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer Issue 2011 / VOL 34 / NO.3


46 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK AnthonyDiMaio Anthony E. Di Maio attended Wentworth Institute and Northeastern University. In 1962 he started working with Blind Fasteners as Vice-President of Engineering & Manufacturing for two blind rivet manufacturers. He has been Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI) and is still involved in the writing of IFI specifications. In 1991, he started ADM Engineering and is working with Fastener Manufacturers developing new fasteners and special machinery. He can be reached at ADM Engineering, 6 Hermon Ave., Haverhill, MA 01832; phone and fax 978-521-0277; e-mail: BLIND FASTENERS The term “Blind” is given to fasteners that are installed in work pieces using only one side of the work piece. Fasteners such as Solid Rivets, Tubular and Semi-Tubular Rivets need access to both sides of the work piece in order to set these rivets. The break point is the weakest point on the shank of the mandrel and it here that the mandrel will break when the blind rivet is set. A TOOL SETTING A BLIND RIVET SOLID RIVET Blind Rivets On one side these rivets are held against the work piece, while on the back side pressure is applied to the shank of the rivet, expanding the body of the rivet to clamp the work pieces together. When using these types of rivets, both sides of the work pieces must be accessible because pressure must be applied to both sides of the work pieces in order to set the rivet. Therefore the work pieces must be taken to the rivet setting machine to set these rivets. Solid, Tubular and Semi-Tubular rivets cannot be called “Blind Rivets” because these rivets cannot be set using only one side of the work pieces. Blind Rivets can be called “Blind” Fasteners, because you can rivet components together using only one side of the work piece. BLIND RIVET The Blind Rivet is a two component fastener, one components is the rivet body and the other is the mandrel. The blind rivet body has the appearance of a solid rivet with the exception that there is a hole completely through the center. The mandrel has a head and a break point on the shank of the mandrel just below the head. The mandrel will continue to be pulled until the expanding rivet body contacts the work piece. The mandrel head will now apply pressure (clamp load) to the work piece being riveted. The blind rivet setting tool will continue to pull the mandrel until the tensile strength of the break point is reached and then the mandrel will break at this break point. Now, the work pieces are riveted together by using only one side of the work piece. This ability to rivet together work pieces by only using one side of the work piece has given the fabrication of parts an easy and less expensive operation. For example, Blind riveting a component to either a long section of round or square sheet metal (air ducts), where you cannot reach the area you are riveting inside the air duct. This area is the blind side of the assembly. The Blind rivet can work very well in this type of application because the blind rivet can be set from one side of the assembly. The blind rivet setting tool can be taken to the riveting station, rather than moving the work piece to a solid rivet setting machine. The ability to use a blind rivet setting tool at the production area has decreased the cost of riveting components together. please turn to page 127

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