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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer Issue 2011 / VOL 34 / NO.3


52 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK BoltSize-It is now offering the old Check-A-Thread style gauges like Rockford use to offer, along with the old Stainless Steel pocket screw gauges that were always a crowd favorite over the years. BoltSize-It continues to add more useful and handy tools to our offering and our latest addition is the metric and inch Tri Gauge Combo Tool. Each tool is made of Stainless Steel and has a set of thread pitch gauges and a tab that has a hole for sizing bolt diameters. On that tab it has the bolt size and the corresponding wrench size to use for that particular bolt diameter. This is a very handy tool for those in the field. Check out our website for unique and useful tools and other new products that we continue to add, at:, Tel: 1-800-369- 0120, Email: Bob Linebarger, a master salesman and a fixture in the fastener industry, has announced his retirement. Linebarger has worked 57 years in the field, and will retire from his position at Advance Components where he has served for the past 15 years. “Bob is truly a master salesman and he has generously shared his knowledge of specialty fasteners with colleagues and customers throughout the United States,” said Suzy Cravens, co-owner of Advance Components. “Bob is not only one of the industry’s finest salesmen, he’s a terrific person and we wish him all the best.” “The products may have changed throughout the years, but the way I treat people has been the same since the day I started in this business,” said Linebarger. “Never forget to take care of your customers and the people who work with you.” Advance managers and staff joined in a send-off and celebration, wishing Bob “a happy retirement and a fish on every line.” Linebarger’s last day on the job was May 20th. Advance Components is a master stocking distributor of specialty fasteners in Carrollton, Texas. To learn more, call 800-275-7772 or visit

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 53 DROP FORGED PRODUCTS Turnbuckles Shackles Wire Rope Clips (also malleable) Machinery Eye Bolts Eye Bolts regular & shoulder Eye Nuts Rod Ends: blank & machined Ring Bolts Hooks Swivels Pad Eyes Yoke Ends WIRE PRODUCTS "S" Hooks Turned Eye Bolts (threaded) lag, mach. or welded U-Bolts (galv. & zinc) rd., sq. & long tangent Threaded Rod SPECIAL PRODUCTS Manufactured to Specifications OTHER PRODUCTS Alloy Steel Hoist Rings Wire Rope Thimbles Bevel Washers Clevis Pins Coupling Nuts Plated Steel Shapes Brass - rounds, flats & angles STAINLESS & METRIC (check availability) Eye Bolts & Eye Nuts U-Bolts “S” Hooks Wire Rope Clips Blank Rod Ends Threaded Rods HEADQUARTERS: Franklin Park, Illinois (847) 455-6609 WAREHOUSE LOCATIONS: Chino, CA (909) 591-1099 Monroe, GA (770) 266-5600 Houston, TX (713) 664-7722


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