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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer Issue 2012 / VOL 35 / NO.3


108 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK For over 22 years Batching Systems, Inc. (BSI) has worked with professionals in all aspects of the hardware industry to develop and manufacture turnkey systems ideally suited for the rigors of heavy duty hardware applications that efficiently batch and package finished product for commercial use and/or retail presentation. The hardware user or retailer requires accurate, dependable batch sizes in an application suitable package. Toward that end, BSI has developed a full line of automated batching and packaging equipment solutions. Walking through the aisles of your local home improvement store, you can see that hardware come in many sizes, shapes, colors and packages. Recognizing this, BSI packaging equipment solutions include batching and packaging automation equipment that is easily integrated with each other, or equipment from another source. Our systems count or weigh various hardware into collated batches and then package into bags, boxes, blister packages or clamshell packages. One benefit of maintaining a sustainable business model for over 22 years is the ability to leverage all those years of experience handling different applications with the development of highly technical innovations. The latest in Batchmaster® product innovation includes a new generation of optical scanners. Patented dual view optics is what sets the Batchmaster® counter apart from the competition. The Batchmaster® DOES NOT count product by registering a break in a beam of light. Instead the Batchmaster DOES look at each part in-flight and scans it at, now, an incredible 6000 pulses per second. A 3-dimensional image is created from which a volume analysis is conducted and an items value is assigned. The counter can tell if the part scanned is too small or too large and either account for it or reject it before the batch containing the suspect part enters its finished package. All of this is done in real time, at incredible speeds. We hope to have this latest innovation available for view at the 2012 Pack Expo in Chicago, IL later this year. For more information, contact Batching Systems, Inc., Tel: 410-414-8111, Fax: 410-414-8121 or visit them on the web at:


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