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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer Issue 2012 / VOL 35 / NO.3


120 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Screw Products, Inc., “The Ultimate Fastener” is excited to announce our new partnership with Feldman Wood Products. Feldman Wood Products has been servicing independent lumber yards, with quality millwork and doors for over 70 years. Feldman Wood Products sees Screw Products, Inc. as a great advancement to their current product offering and is excited to see this partnership grow and flourish as we take on the east coast and the industry together! Screw Products, Inc. and Feldman Wood Products share the same commitment to quality products and extensive customer service making this partnership a strong one with lasting ties! With every order from Feldman Wood Products, you will get personalized service from their friendly staff, and more importantly, knowledgeable answers from experienced salespeople. Screw Products, Inc is committed to getting our customers the products they demand quick, if something isn't in stock- we will ship direct to you for Feldman Wood Products! Need another reason to Think, Screw Products, Inc Screw Products, Inc. Star Drive Wood Screws are designed for use in Hardwoods, Softwoods, Composites, Chip boards and other tough materials making projects such as: Decks, Fences, Furniture, Manufacturing operations, Cabinets, Roofs, Remodeling, Log homes and more, seamless! Available in 1” to 16” lengths, Screw Products, Inc. Star Drive Wood Screws have: - Self Countersinking Nibs - Sharp type 17 auger point - Reduced stripping of head and no end load. Every jar comes with a FREE star drive bit and is packed in a reusable one pound, five pound or bulk pail! Our composite deck screws are approved by Trex and work great in all wood, composite and PVC applications! Take the Screw Products, Inc challenge today.... Try our screws and you will never go back! Now all available at Feldman Wood Products! For more information, contact Feldman Wood Products at 1-800-645-6010 or visit their new website at


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