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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer Issue 2012 / VOL 35 / NO.3


82 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK ALL AMERICAN FASTENER SHOW THE ALL AMERICAN FASTENER SHOW MOVES TO KANSAS CITY, MO IN MAY 2013! 700 Highway 202 West • Yellville, AR 72687 - Tel 877-865-8237 • Fax 870-453-8707 • The All American Fastener Show went from bad news in 2012 to great news! The show was canceled in May due to the tornado that hit downtown Branson including the Hilton Hotel and Convention Center where the show was to be held. This was an unexpected setback for the show and not to mention the people of Branson that had to endure the tornado and its aftermath. Moving forward to the great news; the show will now be held in Kansas City, MO at the Intercontinental Hotel at the Plaza. The Intercontinental Plaza Hotel presents guests with a convenient location, impeccable customer service, just a short stroll from the finest shopping, dining and entertainment in Kansas City. This fully restored property combines historical charm with modern amenities for today’s business and leisure travelers. “I went to visit the hotel in early May and I was beyond impressed with the venue. The rooms are beautiful, convention space at the hotel is impressive, and the Plaza SHINY TOY SYNDROME: EMPLOYEE-PHONES, A NOT-SO-COOL SECURITY RISK FOR FASTENER DISTRIBUTORS continued from page 68 While businesses generally ask employees to pre-approve such wiping in the case of device loss, Wisegate says such agreements sometimes don’t hold up in court, even if the agreements are in writing. It cites a case in its report in which an employee sued -- and won -- against an employer who decided to wipe a lost device that was brimming with company data. “Despite having signed a company policy agreement, the employee won the case because the court decided that too much time had passed between the affirmation of the policy and that data wiping,” Wisegate researchers write. Fortunately, some employers do find some solace in Shiny Toy Syndrome. Apparently, employees are so enthralled with their own smartphones, 48% are currently more than happy to pay the entire cost to bring that phone to work, as long as they can choose the exact model they want, according to Forrester. And an additional (9%) are willing to at least pay some of the phone’s cost for the same privilege. has so much to do and see. Not to mention the airport will have direct flights to get people in and out of Kansas City with ease. I am so excited for the show in 2013 and I know Kansas City will bring the All American Above: Groups like Anonymous - hackers famous for infiltrating corporate networks - can make mince meat of a poorly secured mobile phone network. Fastener Show to its potential,” said Heidi Volltrauer, show management. The Show dates will be May 8- 9, 2013 with the golf tournament on May 8th along with the Fastener Bash that evening. For more information on the hotel and plaza go to Find out more information on sponsorship opportunities, exhibitor & attendee information and all other information about the All American Fastener Show please go to Moreover, the same holds true for employees picking up the tab on voice and data plans. Forrester says 40% of ‘i-want-my-own-phone’ users are willing to pay the entire monthly bill in exchange for personal choice. And another 14% are willing to contribute to at least some of the cost. “While there is no guarantee that every employee wants one phone for both work and personal use, it’s clear from the data that a majority of U.S. information workers today are willing to share the cost,” says Ted Schadler, author of the Forrester Report, Consumerization Drives Smartphone Proliferation ( _drives_smartphone_proliferation/q/id/61088/t/2), released in December 2011. Bottom line: With the torrent of employee-owned phones in the fastener distribution workplace – both authorized and unauthorized -- showing no signs of abating, security IT consultants say it’s imperative for any company caught in the current to establish a crystal-clear, Bring Your Own Device Policy. please turn to page 144


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