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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer Issue 2012 / VOL 35 / NO.3


96 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK SEFA - PO Box 448, Elba, AL 36323 • Tel: 847.370.9022 • Fax: 847.516.6728 • Email: • SOUTHEASTERN FASTENER ASSOCIATION ROSS BRIDGE GOLF RESORTS HOSTS GREAT CONFERENCE FOR SEFA continued from 62 Friday morning continued with a panel discussion comprised of Pete Carlino/International Fasteners Inc., Kent Carter/Elgin Fastener Group, Mickey Matheny/NorthStar Sales and Moderator John Wolz/Global Fastener News discussed Challenges of Doing Business Domestically and Globally. The panel shared a wealth of knowledge form their many years of fastener experience. While John Wolz presented questions relating to the issues of business and its’ challenges for all aspects of the fastener industry, the discussion of import and domestic challenges created the most discussion among the panel and audience. While distributors sometimes find themselves frustrated with domestic prices they are not always in a position to import directly. Pete Carlino noted there are many issues importers deal with in the import process that may be difficult for most distributors to deal with directly. Kent Carter explained the long process in developing Asian suppliers; it’s not just a quick trip to Asia. He has learned the importance of dealing with domestic and import product to continue excellent service to his customers. Mickey Matheny has, for years, gone by the theory of the late Eric Cohn (importer) “If you won’t try to do my job, I won’t do yours.” Direct importing requires knowledge of overseas vendors as well as the import process. Glen Goins explained his customers are the major factor in sourcing decisions. He has held several roles within his company allowing him the experience to continue the growth of their multi branch distributorship .All panelists agree knowing when to sell domestic and when to import is an important issue to always consider. Following lunch the group rejoined for round table discussions featuring Eric Dudas updating the membership on social media, its’ importance and value; Brian Christianson discussing metal finishing issues and Left to right: Tony Nelson SEFA president, Joanne Bialas and Dan Reeves update on regulations coming out of Europe; Joanne Bialas spoke of the importance of building strong partnerships through personal contact as well as social media-these relationships will be there to assist you no matter what the issue. Networking in groups, such as SEFA, allow opportunities for relationships which will assist in a smoother road to handling the challenges of business today. This event featured great networking, golf, information sessions, speakers and all brought to you with the assistance of our many conference sponsors. Thank You Very Much Corporate Sponsors!! Glow Golf Putt Putt Keg Sponsor: Brighton-Best Int'l Conference Sponsors: Drillco Cutting Tools Elgin Fastener Group Ford Fasteners International Fasteners Metric & Multistandard Components Porteous Fastener Stelfast Inc. Golf Outing Sponsors: AmeriBolt Inc. Atlantic Fasteners F. R. Male Associates Ford Fasteners International Fasteners Kanebridge Corp. Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. Metric Fasteners Nucor Fastener Porteous Fastener Southern Fasteners and Supply Tennessee Galvanizing Vulcan Threaded Products XL Screw Corp.


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