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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2018 / Vol 41 No3


98 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK JOE DYSART WEB SITE NOT ENCRYPTED? GOOGLE WILL TURN BUSINESS AWAY FROM FASTENER DISTRIBUTOR SITES from page 12 Such sites run on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure standard -- or https -- and often feature a green lock or other green emblem in your browser address bar, indicating that the Web site is encrypted and operates at a much higher level of security than other Web sites., for example, features the emblem of a green lock when its Web address is called up in most browsers -- clearing indicating that its site is encrypted. Standard Web sites that run on the older Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- or http -- are not encrypted and feature no such emblem. Compounding the anticipated pandemonium over ‘Not Secure’ branding is a related decision by Google to ‘remove trust’ in any Web site certified as encrypted by Symantec prior to June 1, 2016. The reason: Google has repeatedly expressed skepticism regarding the veracity of Symantec’s certification process prior to that date, and has simply decided to invalidate such certifications for users of its Chrome browser. The decision -- which goes into effect no later than July -- will be a major blow to Web site operators in its own right, given that Symantec is one of the largest purveyors of encryption certifications on the Web. Hardest hit by the dual decisions will be operators of non-ecommerce Web sites, which require no passwords for entry and do not accept credit cards or other forms of digital payment. For years, such sites were not favorites of hackers, given that no monetary tractions took place there and consequently, many non-ecommerce sites did not worry about getting encrypted. But more recently, hackers have been plundering these unencrypted sites by inserting code in their Web pages that enables them to download malware to someone visiting that Web site, or code that directs a visitor to a phony Web page asking for credit card or other personal information from the site visitor. The good news for fastener distributors looking for encryption is that many Web hosting companies have ABOVE: UNENCRYPTED WEB SITES WILL BE BRANDED WITH THIS WARNING IN THE GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER COME JULY. BELOW: LET’S ENCRYPT IS A NONPROFIT THAT OFFERS TO ENCRYPT WEB SITES FOR FREE. decided to offer basic encryption as a free, value-added service. “Today, HTTPS is fast, simple to deploy, and costeffective if not free—and there’s no longer an excuse for not using” it, says Cloudflare’s Donahue. Many of the Web hosting companies offering free encryption work with Let’s Encrypt (, a non-profit organization whose mission is to offer free, basic encryption to any Web site owner that needs it. Let’s Encrypt also provides the certificate fastener distributors need to prove to Web site visitors -- and to Google -- that your Web site is encrypted. If you’re looking to go the free route with Let’s Encrypt, the best move is to talk with your Web hosting company and verify that they have a tool on your Web site control panel that enables you to easily add a Let’s Encrypt certification to your Web site. Many Web hosts without such a tool also enable you to install Let’s Encrypt certification. But that manual process is tedious and it’s often easier under such a circumstance to simply switch to a Web host that features a Let’s Encrypt tool. Either way, you’ll need your Web designer, or someone very Web savvy, to verify your fastener distributor Web site’s transformation to encrypted status and to ensure that all the coding on your Web site reflects that change. An easy alternative -- if you have a very small site with just a few pages -- is to simply purge you old site, re-establish it as an encrypted Web site from the get-go and then simply rebuild the few pages you have from scratch. Of course, there are also any number of Web hosts and security providers more than happy to encrypt your Web site for a fee. But the bottom line is that fastener distributors need to get their encryption done before July. That will ensure your Web site is not branded as a ‘Not Secure’ and ensure that you’re not forced to approach encryption-fora-fee providers as someone incredibly desperate for their service. JOE DYSART

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