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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2018 / Vol 41 No3


100 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK ROBERT FOOTLIK EVALUATING YOUR FORKLIFTS AND OPERATORS from page 14 For this reason involving the operators in the decision process is very important. Taking the users to vehicle demonstrations or bringing the proposed vehicle to their context will help insure that the human-machine interface is comfortable…for the operators. They, not the engineers, the vendor sales representative or the purchasing department are in the best position to evaluate the equipment. Increasing Use of Telematics Telematics is the current jargon for providing real time and historic information to the operators and management. Up until recently only gages for temperature, oil pressure and sometimes fuel availability were deemed sufficient when supplemented with a few warning lights. As the operator compartment has become more of a mobile office onboard electronics and displays have become more common. The sensors connected to these panels can control horizontal travel speed, lifting conditions, braking and balance with or without operator intervention. The same sensors and computers can also track average and peak speed, maintenance issues, impacts, productivity by movement and weight, along with a host of other information. Displaying all this for the operator has proven to be distracting and often superfluous. Information overload also can reinforce the wrong message by emphasizing productivity instead of safety and common sense. In recognition of this many displays are configurable and all offer downloading capabilities for historical comparisons and evaluations. This has led to some interesting discoveries. It might seem counterintuitive that slowing down the vehicle can lead to greater productivity, but telematic information has shown that in a fast moving, narrow aisle operation where the vehicle is used for order picking the average distance per movement is less than 50’, hardly enough for the vehicle to reach full speed before braking. With man up, order picking vehicles horizontal travel stability constraints on speed are even changing the criteria for how materials are stored. If it is faster to go up than travel “C” and even “D” movement inventory should be above the related “A” item, not at the rear of the warehouse. Training Your Intuition As a manager or owner your use of the data, supplemented with astute observations can help identify problems before they become expensive catastrophes. Knowing that one vehicle has a history of impacts primarily in the afternoon might point to a specific operator with a very specific problem, if you know where and how to observe. No matter how much time and effort is but into design and data any 10,000+ pound vehicle and load moving in a confined space occupied by storage and personnel is still going to be dangerous. Enhancements in maneuverability are of little consequence if the operators are untrained or working while physically or mentally impaired. Back up alarms and strobe lights that are ignored by pedestrians and coworkers who are distracted or oblivious become useless. Banning cell phone usage in the warehouse is a simple rule that potentially can save a life…but how many operations do this? Your role, regardless of your title or position with the company is to act as an observer and supplement to the data that is being generated. Anyone who enters the operation should always be watching for potential accidents before they happen. This is obvious. Taking things to the next higher level requires knowing what to look for beyond the physical environment. For example, what’s the most dangerous creature in the warehouse? An operator who is using alcohol or recreational pharmaceuticals. Incident reports of impacts, flat out speeding, excessive lateral forces due to high speed turns, etc. tracked against the time of day might point to an individual with a problem. CONTINUED ON PAGE 160

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 101 WOMEN IN THE FASTENER INDUSTRY PO Box 242, Northvale, NJ 07647 EMAIL WEB WIFI JUST HEARD THE NEWS! Fastener Woman 2017 Ann Bisgyer Wolz Scholarship winner Linda Grohowski from Brighton-Best has just passed the final exam and has become a Certified Fastener Specialist from the Fastener Training Institute. This could be you! Sign up for the scholarship today and become a CFS! Deadline for our scholarship is August 10th, 2018 WIFI will be announcing an additional two scholarships this year. Our current two scholarships The Ann Bisgyer Wolz Scholarship which provides tuition for the Fastener Training Institute (FTI) and the Edith Cameron Scholarship which provides funds to attend the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo in Las Vegas has been very successful and we are proud to bring you two more. Stay tuned as we will be announcing this by mid of summer of 2018. Now Open! WIFI will be awarding the 2nd Annual Women of the Year award and two other exceptional awards at the Industrial Fastener Expo this year. [1] Woman of the Year - In recognition of exemplary leadership and successful member of the fastener industry, as part of a long and distinguished record of advocacy for the professional advancement of women through the promotion of education and professional development [2] Women in Business - A champion/advocate who contributes and supports to their own organization ASSOCIATION ARTICLE by sharing their knowledge, ideas, insights and strength. A women who is dedicated to empowering more women to achieve full participation in all aspect of life. [3] Man Up Award - For an individual male and/or company and awarded for a commitment to supporting women and the WIFI organization through programs and partnerships. A partner that brings tools and resources that will empower the WIFI Sisters in their life goals and improvement. Also as a Thank you for playing an important role as a WIFI Brother and supporting the fastener woman vision. Please send your nomination to Carrie Ann Whitworth at president@ with a 200-300 word essay on why they should be receiving one of these prestigious awards. Deadline is August 10th, 2018. Also, new at WIFI! Fastener Women is adding a new section of the newsletter WIFI4Hire. If you are laid off, fired or needed a change and are looking for a home in the fastener industry, we want you! Send us a brief summary of your resume with a headshot and we will let everyone know you are available for hire. For more information about our new section please contact Rosa E. Hearn at chairwoman@ Already have something to submit? Then send it directly to WOMEN IN THE FASTENER INDUSTRY


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