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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2018 / Vol 41 No3


158 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK LARRY BOROWSKI 6e AND 6E PITCH DIAMETER ALLOWANCES PROVIDE SPACE FOR HEAVY COATINGS from page 90 RELATIONSHIP OF PITCH DIAMETER TOLERANCES AND ALLOWANCES M10 X 1.5 PITCH DIAMETER TOLERANCE AND ALLOWANCE Internal thread class “6E” provides a plating allowance where as the more common thread class “6H” does not provide any. The external thread class “6e” provides approximately twice the plating allowance than does the “6g” thread class. The illustrations that follow show the size relationships of the thread classes “6E” to “6H” and “6e” to “6g”. Additionally, they show that the external thread pitch diameter size must always remain smaller than the “basic” pitch diameter size, as well as the internal thread pitch diameter size must always remain larger than the “basic” pitch diameter size to avoid an interference fit during assembly. Hopefully the example of M10 X 1.5 providing exact pitch diameter sizes makes the exact nature of these relationships more clear for the reader. Unfortunately, neither the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) or the International Standards Organization (ISO) provide tables for the pitch diameter sizes for internal thread class “6E” or external thread class “6e”. That leaves the task of using the thread formulas to determine the “6E’ and “6e” pitch diameter sizes to every individual thread component manufacturer. CONTINUED ON PAGE 176

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 159 Distribution One is now offering Shipping Manifest Service. The distribution process doesn’t stop at the warehouse dock. Knowing this, Distribution One offers shipping solutions necessary for distributor and wholesaler success. Supplementing the productivity improvements fueled by ERP-ONE+ software, Distribution One integrates with providers FedEx and UPS using ODBC with mapped data. Distributors can also integrate with other shipping options like Endicia (aka USPS) utilizing ODBC drivers as well as Clippership, ADSI, and ConnectShip after acquiring the interfaces, ODBC, and the Distribution One Shipping Manifest Service. A Windows based solution, the Distribution One Shipping Manifest Service utilizes thirdparty shipping data imports and returns freight price and shipment costs to the proper shipping record. In addition, the Shipping Manifest Services provides customers the ability to customize how costs are written back to the shipment. Several customizations include: ¤ Using published charges vs negotiated rates ¤ Including handling charges ¤ Setting up ship via codes that are free freight ¤ Placing customers in groups that give free freight for orders above a specific dollar amount ¤ Applying freight charges to different GL accounts based on which warehouse shipped it ¤ Charging freight on the first shipment of the order and not for additional shipments ¤ Sending shipping notifications and tracking numbers to customers ¤ Providing automatic billing on shipments For additional information on specific App functionality or to request an ERP-ONE+ software demonstration, contact us at info@ or call us at 1-856- 380-0629 to schedule a software demonstration. For more specific product information visit us online at


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