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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2018 / Vol 41 No3


176 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK LARRY BOROWSKI 6e AND 6E PITCH DIAMETER ALLOWANCES PROVIDE SPACE FOR HEAVY COATINGS from page 158 In an effort to make the use of the”6E” and “6e” thread classes easier for manufacturing “before coating” threads with greater allowance I have compiled the tables for those thread classes (right). ASME B1.13M does however contain tables for the “E” and “e” allowances, where additional sizes not shown in the tables above can be easily calculated. Table 12 shows the “6” positional tolerance, Table 13 shows the external thread “e” allowance, and Appendix F shows the internal thread “E” allowance. The easiest way to achieve the correct calculation is to simply add or subtract the “e” or “E” allowances from the standard 6g or 6H PD sizes. A more fundamental approach using internal threads as an example would be to start with your basic size and add the “E” allowance. This becomes your “LO” or Go pitch diameter. Then you add your “6” allowance to the LO PD to get your “HI” or NoGo pitch diameter. External threads work the same way, only you subtract your “e” allowance rather than add. Similar values can be found in ISO 965/1, Section 13.4.2, however a 1.32 multiplier is utilized for grade 6 which calculates out to slightly different values, less than .002mm difference which can be considered insignificant. The final acceptance of threads after coating should be determined by using 6H GO plug gages for internal threads and 6h GO ring gages for external threads. The use of these class gages for final thread acceptance assures that thread interference will not occur during product assembly. LARRY BOROWSKI | GREENSLADE & COMPANY INC

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