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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2018 / Vol 41 No3


38 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Jim Ruetz Jim Ruetz is the Chief Executive Officer of AIS-All Integrated Solutions. He lives in Oak Creek, Wisconsin with his wife of 30 years. Jim was born with a cleft palate and understood firsthand the challenges of growing up with a disability. When he heard about CURE DUCHENNE, he decided to take care of two dreams…riding his motorcycle across the world and helping kids - which has always been important to him. “I encourage you to join me in my journey by helping to raise awareness and funds for CURE DUCHENNE,” said Ruetz. For more information or to contribute see AMERICAN FASTENER RIDER TOURS AUSTRALIA FOR DUCHENNE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY The Anatomy Of Planning A Motorcycle Trip to Oz! Constructing a plan to bike around Oz (Australia) is unquestionably the most difficult motorcycle trip I’ve planned to date. For starters, for every other trip I’ve planned in the past, I was familiar with the continent that I would be riding in- not so with Oz. Australia has long been on my bucket list but to date hadn’t worked its way to the top of the list. So how do you plan a trip in another hemisphere? The answers are: Research – Luck - and more Research!! A fair amount of late night internet work has been spent figuring out the best time of year to go. Taking snow and rain fall into consideration in the south and managing heat in the North and Outback is advisable. You must think in reverse of North America, where snow is a concern in the North and heat in the South. I also had to figure out if I would rent a bike or ship mine. Fortunately for me, some of my research turned in to luck. The predominate bike rental company in Australia is a firm called Bike Round Oz, I was fortunate to get connected with one of their rental experts named Mark. After talking things over with Mark about which bikes are commonly available, I decided that CONTRIBUTOR ARTICLE I would ship my bike instead of renting. In spite of not getting a rental sale, Mark became an invaluable resource and advisor to help me plan my trip. As with nearly every trip I’ve planned, the tendency is to be over ambitious with the initial route, Oz was no different. I had originally planned to do the entire continent in roughly 30 days. Mark’s comments were “You can do it – but WHY would you want to?” Mark explained that people have taken 6 months to motorcycle through Oz and still missed a lot of terrific rides. Every trip I’ve planned required a balancing act between time available, distance to be covered, & sites to be visited. As it is, there are points that I’ll be covering in two days, that ride magazines, recommend a week to thoroughly enjoy the vista’s. Some of the advice Mark gave me you just don’t find in research or the books. When he reviewed my route in the outback- Mark’s advice was that on certain stretches of road “Don’t start riding until an hour after the sunrise & stop riding an hour before sunset”. I took special note of his comment, when he mentioned it for the third time putting a little more emphasis on the statement each time he mentioned it. Mark went on to explain that the outback critters have a tendency to gather on the warm pavement during the cooler night air! CONTINUED ON PAGE 116

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 39 Innovative Components Inc is pleased to welcome Alyssa Ovresat to our growing team! Alyssa has 6+ years experience as a marketing specialist and social media expert who graduated from the International Academy of Design & Technology. Alyssa will initially be putting her skills to use by amping up our social media presence, assisting with the design of our new website, trade show booth, catalog & magazine ads, as well as by giving the Innovative Components brand a refresh. Look for Alyssa at one of our many upcoming tradeshows! For 25 years, Innovative Components has been the leading manufacturer of Plastic Clamping Knobs, Quick Release Pins, Wire Rope Lanyards & Thread Detectives ® . Innovative Components capabilities also include Design & Engineering, Custom Injection Molding, Soft Touch Over Molding, Tool Design, Mold Making, CNC Machining, Light Assembly, Bagging, Pad Printing, Laser Etching, Kitting, 3D Printing, 3D CAD, and Secondary Operations such as Slotting, Drilling, Tapping, and More. For more information, contact Innovative Components Inc. at 1050 National Parkway, Schaumburg, IL 60173. Tel: 847-885-9050, Fax: 847- 885-9005, Email: Sales@ or visit them online at


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