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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2018 / Vol 41 No3


60 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK SPIROL INTERNATIONAL CORP. 30 Rock Avenue, Danielson, CT 06239 TEL 1-860-774-8571 FAX 1-860-774-2048 EMAIL WEB COLD HEADED vs MACHINED SOLID PINS by Jeff Greenwood, Product Sales Engineer Solid Pins are common fasteners used for aligning, joining, and assembling multiple components. Solid Pins are most useful where the clamp load of a bolt is not needed. They are also used for specific functions such as locating components, hinges, tamper-resistant designs, etc. Two common manufacturing methods used to produce Solid Pins are cold heading and machining. Cold heading and machining both produce high quality, consistent parts. interestingly, many outside diameter (OD) ground dowels are not actually machined. It is common to pass cold headed blanks through a secondary grinding operation in order to produce the OD ground dowels. It’s important to understand the differences between cold heading and machining when designing a Solid Pin for an assembly as the manufacturing method directly impacts the design specifications (tolerances, geometry, & material) that can be assigned to the Solid Pin. The objective of this paper is to educate designers about the differences between cold heading and machining so that they understand how to design a Solid Pin that optimizes performance and reduces total manufactured cost of the assembly. Machining Overview Machining is the process of cutting raw material (rod) into a desired geometry using cutting tools. This operation is typically performed on a lathe. Machining produces scrap in the form of chips. Cold Headed Overview Cold heading is the process of forming raw material into a desired geometry by upsetting the material (wire) in one or more dies. The most common method of cold heading fasteners uses one die and two blows as this is sufficient for forming chamfers and heads. MANUFACTURING COMPARISON Cold Heading Machining Quality of parts Yield & tensile strength Tight tolerances Retention features Scrap during manufacturing Complex part geometry Large length / diameter pin Minimal tooling costs Short setup time Fast cycle time Lowest overall Solid Pin cost Lowest hole preparation costs TABLE 1 TECHNICAL ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 144

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 61 AFIXX Alliance®, a division of Pacific Warehouse Sales, is pleased to announce that we are adding the Sherex Fastening Solutions® TEC Series wedge locking washer to our product line. AFIXX will provide sales and service to distributors on a national level through our E-Commerce site, afixx. com. TEC Series products will be stocked in both of our distribution facilities in Chino, California and Noblesville, Indiana to provide short lead times to customers throughout the country. “We are excited to add the TEC Series to our growing product offerings,” says VP/ GM Larry Kanne, “adding great products from a highly respected company like Sherex, let’s our customers know they can continue to expect the best-in-class performance, availability and value from our team.” TEC Series washers maintain clamp load in high vibration and load applications, protecting fastened joints from vibrational loosening using proven wedge lock technology. TEC washers secure joints using tension, rather than friction, as other traditional methods use. Sherex launched the TEC Series product line in June 2017, leveraging 35 years of success in the fastener industry, world-class engineering and development expertise, and global manufacturing capabilities. TEC Series washers are available in standard and large outer diameter styles in carbon steel and stainless steel, in sizes from M3(#5) through M72(3”). Sherex’s engineering and technical sales team is available to custom design products with special dimensions, materials and coatings. AFIXX Alliance® sells to distributors only on a national level, with a focus on our innovative E-Commerce platform, As a division of Pacific Warehouse Sales, AFIXX is able to offer a vast inventory of products for the industrial and fastener markets with the service to match. For more information contact AFIXX Alliance ® by Tel: 1-855-607- 6781, Fax: 1-877-647-3523, Email: or at


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