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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2018 / Vol 41 No3


64 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK BRIGHTON-BEST INTERNATIONAL USA Headquarters, 5855 Obispo Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90805 TEL 562-808-8000 FAX 562-808-8137 EMAIL WEB BBI’s ROSA E. HEARN ANNOUNCED AS WOMEN OF THE YEAR The Woman of the Year event was founded in 1987 by Assemblywoman Bev Hansen (R) and Assemblywoman Sally Tanner (D), who noticed that the California Legislature had no events planned for the month of March, Women’s History Month. In celebration of the contributions to society made by remarkable women throughout California, Hansen and Tanner arranged to invite one woman from each Senate and Assembly district to come to the Capitol and be honored for their accomplishments. The women were to be recognized as Woman of the Year in a formal ceremony on the floors of the Senate and Assembly. This yearly event, sponsored and organized by the Women’s Caucus, is greatly anticipated by all Legislators today. The Senate did not hold a Capitol celebration, but many Senators celebrated in their district. On March 22nd, 2018 the 29th Senate district ceremony, where Senator Josh Newman was the keynote speaker, honored women and gathered legislators to award the 2018 Women of the year awards to women who have shown exemplary leadership, as part of a long and distinguished record of advocacy for the professional advancement of women through the promotion of education and professional development. One of the those honorees was Rosa E. Hearn from Brighton-Best International. Rosa was awarded the 2018 Women of the Year in the business category. Through BBI, Ms. Hearn works with the Rancho Santiago Center for International Trade Development for the Global Trade & Logistics in Orange County, where she teaches and speaks to High School and College Students about the fastener market. Ms. Hearn also provides Externships to teachers and counselors providing a business view on importing, exporting and global trade. As Chairwoman and immediate past president of Women in the Fastener Industry, Rosa helps provide opportunities for women in the fastener industry at all levels of experience. Her passion to advancing women in the fastener industry has helped WIFI become a respected national not-for-profit organization. “I wanted to inspire people” says, Rosa Hearn “Ever since becoming Rosa the Proferred Riveter, I wanted to embody what Rosie the Riveter stood for.” “I knew taking on the name was a huge responsibility, but BBI has been so supportive that training college/ high school students about the role of fasteners, tools, safety in today world has been so easy thanks to Proferred”. “I’m also grateful for being part of WIFI, working with different types of strong women helps me become a better person and gives me new direction. I couldn’t believe I was recognized for this effort. I am so honored.” BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE BRIGHTON-BEST INTERNATIONAL


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