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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2018 / Vol 41 No3


76 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Anthony Di Maio Anthony E. Di Maio attended Wentworth Institute and Northeastern University. In 1962 he started working with Blind Fasteners as Vice-President of Engineering & Manufacturing for two blind rivet manufacturers. He has been Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI) and is still involved in the writing of IFI specifications. In 1991, he started ADM Engineering and is working with Fastener Manufacturers developing new fasteners and special machinery. He can be reached at ADM Engineering, 6 Hermon Ave., Haverhill, MA 01832; phone and fax 978-521-0277; e-mail: USING THE CORRECT SIZE BLIND RIVET The following questions I have been asked many times, “I am using a blind rivet and they are not setting correctly.” Then I ask the following questions, for the purpose of finding out what is really wrong and what does the user mean by “not setting correctly”. [Q] What is the size of the blind rivet you are using? [A] 48 [Q] What material are you riveting together? [A] Aluminum [Q] What is the total work thickness you are riveting together? [A] 3/8 [Q] Do you have a long projection on the blind side of the blind rivet after you set the blind rivet? [A] Yes, and this is what I do not like about the set blind rivet, it has a bad appearance. Conclusion - the problem is that you are using an incorrect length blind rivet, for a 3/8 work thickness. For a total work thickness of 3/8, you should be using a 46 size blind rivet, the 48 is too long. When a blind rivet user is setting the correct length blind rivet, the upset side of the blind rivet will look like this: When the blind rivet is too short, the upset side will look like this: FIGURE 2 - BARREL LENGTH TOO SHORT If the barrel length is too short, there will not be enough barrel length to capture and retain the mandrel head after setting. When the blind rivet is too long for the application, the upset side will look like this: LONG UPSET FIGURE 3 UPSET SIDE FIGURE 1 - PROPERLY SET RIVET CONTRIBUTOR ARTICLE If the barrel length is too long, you will have a long upset on the blind side of the set blind rivet. The above blind rivet is the OPEN-END TYPE. Below is the same situation when using a CLOSED-END blind rivet. CONTINUED ON PAGE 156

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 77 UNICORP ELECTRONIC HARDWARE 291 Cleveland St, Orange, New Jersey 07050 TEL 1-800-526-1389 FAX 973 674-3803 EMAIL WEB UNICORP OFFERS CUSTOM PARTS AND SERVICES Unicorp Electronic Hardware is proud to announce that we are offering custom designed products. Parts can be manufactured to blueprints and we can modify all standard products to meet your specifications. Unicorp can manufacture any type of CNC and automatic screw machine part. Additionally, Unicorp provides custom services for complete technical support that can lead to cost-savings and design improvement. We offer the largest range of material options and finishes in the industry. Unlike our competitors, we can accommodate fast deliveries at no extra charge. Since 1971, Unicorp has been a socially and environmentally responsible leading manufacturer of American standard and metric precision electronic hardware, fasteners and handles. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer satisfaction and our commitment to support the needs of our distributors. Unicorp offers top quality products, fast delivery, excellent pricing, technical assistance, and manufacturer to customer print BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE specifications. We are known throughout the industry as the “oddball king” because we offer the widest variety of diameters, lengths, and finishes in our numerous product lines. The best way to view our products is on our website,, complete with all products, sales information, specifications, engineering, and tolerances. The Unicorp product lines consist of: Standoffs & Spacers, Male to Female Standoffs, Male to Male Standoffs, Jackscrews, Swage Standoffs, Captive Screws and Retainers, Insulating Shoulder & Flat Washers, NAS/ MS Hardware, Shoulder Screws, Plastic Circuit Board Supports, Nylon Fasteners, Dowel Pins, Thumbscrews & Thumbnuts, Self-Clinching Fasteners, Cable Ties, 24 styles of Handles, Fixed, Folding, Rack- Panel & Ferrules. Unicorp Electronic Hardware is used by leading companies in nearly every industry including electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, military, medical, computer, automotive, energy, robotics, marine, PCB mounting, circuit board assembly. UNICORP ELECTRONIC HARDWARE


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