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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2018 / Vol 41 No3


86 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Bryce Austin Bryce Austin is the CEO of TCE Strategy, an internationally-recognized speaker on emerging technology and cybersecurity issues, and author of Secure Enough? 20 Questions on Cybersecurity for Business Owners and Executives. With over 10 years of experience as a Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer, Bryce actively advises companies across a wide variety of industries on effective methods to mitigate cyber threats. For more information on Bryce Austin, please visit WHAT IS MY PLAYBOOK IF I HAVE A CYBERSECURITY INCIDENT? “I have been investigating a large number of failed logins on your server. Due to the volume of failed attempts, it does appear that the attempts are coming from an outside source. My company recommends that you reach out to a Security Firm to have your network investigated for a possible breach.” He couldn’t believe what he was reading. A local cybersecurity professional was forwarded the email above from his new client’s outsourced computer management company. The owner of the business was concerned, and for good reason. They had only brought him onboard as their part-time cybersecurity advisor the month before, and the vendor that manages their network had kicked this ball squarely into his court. He had to figure out what to do—fast. The priorities were simple: [1] Alert his client’s executive team about the situation. [2] Determine if this is or is not a real hacking attempt. [3] If it is a real hacking attempt, determine how it is occurring. [4] Assess if the hack was successful in any way. Was any damage done? Was any data accessed? [5] If the hack was unsuccessful, terminate the hacker’s access immediately. [6] If the hack was successful, start making CONTRIBUTOR ARTICLE calls to his client’s CEO, their cybersecurity insurance carrier, a third-party company that specializes in breach remediation, and my client’s attorney. [7] Follow-up with root-cause analysis and recommend preventive measures. It took over 10 hours to determine the extent of the issue. Cybercriminals had breached a single server, and a malicious program was running on that server. It was trying various dictionary words as passwords against common “administrator” level accounts. He breathed a tiny sigh of relief to see that it had only started several hours earlier and appeared to be moving ahead at full steam, which meant that the bad guys had most likely not yet been successful at cracking an administrator-level password. The cybercriminals gained access into that server via a combination of a phishing email and a bad firewall configuration. Thankfully, forensics found no evidence of further intrusion. His blood pressure began to return to a more reasonable level. The example above is real, and while it represents the best possible outcome of a cybersecurity incident, it was used here to make a number of points. This client didn’t have a playbook on what to do when a cybersecurity incident is suspected, so they had to make it up as they went. CONTINUED ON PAGE 150

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 87 FAR SRL Via Giovanni XXIII, 2 - Fraz. Quarto Inferiore, 40057 Granarolo Emilia - Bologna - ITALIA TEL +39 051 6009591 EMAIL WEB NEW ENTRIES IN FAR CATALOGUE FAR new catalogue has just been released with some very interesting novelties showing that the Italian company is always unrest ... Let’s have a look at the new entries of FAR Catalogue: Among the wide selection of blind rivets, FAR introduces the new Ø 6,4 TAMP AP INOX, a stainless steel high performance blind rivet which combines an excellent corrosion performance together with high shear and tensile strength. Mainly designed for applications in the automotive, domestic, heating and ventilation sectors, TAMP AP INOX is also greatly applied for solar panels, commercial refrigeration and where vibrations resistance is highly required. For application that need to avoid liquid or vapour leakages, FAR now presents its Aluminium sealed blind BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE rivet family. In several sizes, lengths, for applications requiring excellent resistance to corrosion. And what about the tools section? FAR answer to this question is the new release of the RAC 181 riveting tool, now available in the US as well, with the “air suction regulation knob” as a standard feature. The new device enables the users to rationalize air consumption by setting the adjustment knob according to the different rivet materials and sizes, thus avoiding excessive air consumption, if not required. Furthermore, the regulation knob permits a significant reduction in the sound power and therefore greater comfort for the user during the work cycle. Stay tuned on FAR web site,, the Italian fastening company never stops moving forward! FAR SRL


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