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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2018 / Vol 41 No3


96 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK GUY AVELLON WHAT FASTENER DISTRIBUTORS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SUBSTITUTIONS from page 10 Heavy Hex Nut: This nut provides a wider contact surface area with a slight increase in thickness. Using the 1/2” nut as an example; the WAF is 7/8” (0.875”) and the thickness is 31/64” (0.484375”). Nut dimension formula: 1/4” – 1 1/8”: WAF = 1.50 D + 0.125”, H = 1.00 D – 0.016” Hex Thick Nut: as the name implies, this nut will be thicker or higher than the others. The width is similar to the finished hex nut but is taller to add a few extra threads which provides the extra strength to the nut. The 1/2” nut has a WAF of 3/4” (0.750”) and a thickness (height) of 9/16” (0.5625”). Nut dimension formula: 1/4” WAF = 1.50 D + 0.062. For H, consult the tables in the IFI (Industrial Fasteners Institute) standards book or the ANSI B18.2.2. Bolts Bolts also come in a variety of dimensions, from the SAE to the ASTM structural and non-structural fasteners. That is to say, the ASTM A449 and A354 BD are equivalent to SAE Grade 5 and Grade 8 respectively in strength and dimensions. Finished Hex Bolt: this is what many would call a standard dimensioned fastener. It is available in SAE Grades 2, 5 and 8 and ASTM A449 and A354 BD. The 1/2” bolt would have a WAF of 3/4” (0.750”) and an H = 5/16” (0.3125”). Heavy Hex Screw: this product dimension is also made for the SAE Grades 2, 5 and 8 as well as the ASTM A449 and A354 BD. The 1/2” WAF is increased to 7/8” (0.875”) and the height remains the same at 5/16” (0.3215”). Heavy Hex Bolt: here things become confusing as we now have a terminology and dimensional difference between a screw and a bolt. The IFI dimensions for a 1/2” WAF equal that of the screw at 7/8” but the head is slightly higher at 11/32” (0.34375”). Hex Bolt: still maintaining the ‘bolt’ terminology, the head height is the same at 11/32” but the WAF is at 3/4”. Both the heavy hex bolt and hex bolt dimensions were primarily for use with the ASTM A307 Grade A. The Grade A cannot be substituted for the A307 Grade B, as this is used for flanged joints and piping. Otherwise, the finished hex and heavy hex screws can be substituted for the hex and heavy hex bolts. Therefore, if an order comes in for ‘hex bolts’, make sure the customer knows the difference and confirm what the fastener’s application is. The Caveats Finishes: There are a myriad of coatings and finishes for fasteners where mixing them could cause problems. However, if all of the supplied substitutions were of the same finish and all going into the same application new, without any of the previous fasteners’ finish being used, there would be no problems if attention is paid to any differences that may affect the installation torque. Problems will occur when mixing different finishes in the same connection. Example: a fastener failure occurred on a multiple bolt assembly when some fasteners suffered metal fatigue causing the others to fail in tension, due to the loading condition of the application. Maintenance had been performed to the part where the fasteners were assembled and some of the nuts had been replaced. The replacement nuts caused the failure. The equipment was manufactured in the 1990’s and used high strength proprietary bolts with a metal lock nut. The maintenance was performed within the past two years. When the mechanic bought the replacement parts at a parts store, the parts were not like the originals. For one, the supply store did not have the special high strength fasteners. But of most importance, the lock nut coatings had changed. It seems strange to ask “what color are your lock nuts” but the OEM nuts were gold and the replacement nuts were silver. What the mechanic did not know was the torque values in the manufacturer’s manual were invalid for the silver colored lock nuts. CONTINUED ON PAGE 154

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