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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2019 / Vol 42 No3


52 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK PARKER FASTENERS 13765 W Auto Dr, Goodyear, AZ 85338 TEL 623-925-5998 FAX 623-925-5968 EMAIL WEB PARKER FASTENERS....DEFINING ACCELERATED SUCCESS by Stan Lockhart In seven short years, Parker Fasteners has established itself as a top-quality manufacturer of socket drive and special stainless-steel fasteners. Robert Parker, President & CEO combines his long-term experience as a header man, with entrepreneurial business skills, which is evident in Parker’s rapid rise to excellence! Early in the company’s formation, other manufacturers took notice of Parker’s special skill of utilizing Cold Forming hardto-work materials and utilized Parker to produce blank parts they could not produce. Today, those relationships are still intact and Parker has continued to expand their product offering to include Military and Aerospace grade socket screws and tamper resistant fasteners including their patented “Lock-Out®” drive that utilizes an oval center pin and an endless array of outer lobes which can be customized to a particular end-user as their exclusive design. The elliptical design also improves torque during installation. The “Lock-Out®” is the first patent granted in this area in over twenty years. Matt Boyd, Vice President, Global Innovation, has led the company to another level of success by finding niche markets with demand for A286 and other special grades of stainless steel that are not readily available from most screw manufacturers today. Working with expensive materials for safety-critical applications has Parker Fasteners focused on “Precision and Quality First!” Many of Parker’s socket screws are dual certified to A193/A320 & NAS 1351/MS16996. Parker produces and has entered into a stocking agreement with Advance Components, for a line of NAS A286 “N” series socket screws. The new partnership makes these great products available to wider segment of the market by eliminating manufacturing minimums. In addition to the wide range of materials that the company works with, diameters offered range from #00 to 5/8” creating many opportunities across multiple industries from small electronics to heavy equipment.This alone could set the company apart from many competitors. The secret sauce as Robert Parker will tell you…is in the tooling. Most of which is created in house and facilitates the production of these world-class fasteners! PARKER FASTENERS BUILDING ACQUISITION THIS PAST SPRING, SITS ON A 10 ACRE SITE AND WILL PROVIDE YEARS OF GROWTH IN THE FUTURE. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 144

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