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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2019 / Vol 42 No3


88 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK BEACON FASTENERS AND COMPONENTS 198 West Carpenter Avenue, Wheeling, IL 60090 TEL 1-800-669-2658 FAX 847-541-1789 EMAIL WEB BEACON FASTENERS AND COMPONENTS CELEBRATES 40 YEARS! This year is a very special year as it marks our 40th anniversary since President Bob Wegner opened our doors in October 1979. We have accomplished a lot since those humble beginnings when the company operated from a 1,500 square foot space in Rosemont, Illinois. Since then we have upgraded to a 35,000 square foot building in Wheeling, Illinois and have called it home for the last eleven years. We have thirty-three exceptional team members that are key to our growth year over year. Our core principles focus on the customer experience, quality tested products, and value-added solutions. These principles are the same today as when the company started and the reason for our continued success over the last four decades. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow – Our Evolution as a Company Keeping our competitive edge in a rapidly changing distribution marketplace is no small achievement. Where we invest our time and money today will greatly impact our future growth and will lead to successful customer partnerships. At Beacon, our employees are our greatest asset. As an organization we continue to invest in our employee development by supporting every team member with a progressive training program so they have the tools to succeed and achieve their goals. Secondly, we are investing in technology to better serve our customers. Enhancing our business intelligence and data analytics helps us make important decisions that positively impact our company and long-standing customer relationships. Next, we are focusing on product improvements and additions that complement our current offerings and business strategy. Finally, our customer partnerships are the foundation for our success. As a company we work closely with our customer base to help streamline supply chains with inventory management solutions that mitigate risk, reduce total cost of ownership, and improve product availability. We will always be in your corner to help maintain balance and support your longterm goals and objectives. We fondly reflect on our successes over the past forty years and we are excited to be there for you for many more years to come! What’s New at Beacon? We have expanded our thread forming product line and have added new sizes to our DIN 7500 Type D as well as our Full Trilobe and 48-2 6-Lobe Pan head in steel-zinc and stainless. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 164


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