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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2020 / Vol 43 No3


28 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Jo Morris Marketing Director, Fastener Training Institute ® FASTENER TRAINING INSTITUTE ® 5318 East 2nd Street #325, Long Beach, CA 90803 TEL 562-473-5373 FAX 661-449-3232 EMAIL WEB FASTENER TRAINING WEEK GETS A REFRESH Fastener Training Week has been available to the fastener industry for nearly twenty years, during which time more than 1000 students have participated. This track record alone is clear evidence of a successful combination of relevant material, good instruction, and a needed service. Like many successful programs that have evolved over time, the FTW curriculum needed a focused and organized revision. Under the leadership of Laurence Claus (NNi Training and Consulting) and assisted by Salim Brahimi (IFI Director of Engineering & Technology) this week-long intensive training program has been refreshed to include more interactive content, revised class presentations and an expanded course outline. Each section has been reviewed and modified with a new consistent format that includes case studies, activities, videos, and hands-on demonstrations. The final exam has been updated and new class workbooks created with exercises and activities. Upon completion of this training and passing a final exam, attendees will be eligible to receive the Certified Fastener Specialist (CFS) designation. This high impact program will have a long-term effect on the Fastener Industry as students will be better equipped for employment, sustainability, and advancement for their organization. Industries to benefit range from fastener manufacturers, distributors, OEMs, construction services, government, aerospace, and others. To assist with instruction FTI welcomes industry expert John Hubbard to the team. John has spent 50 years in the fastener industry starting at Camcar in 1968. He held many engineering, quality and sales positions with several fastener manufacturing companies including Corporate TECHNICAL ARTICLE Director of Engineering at Elgin Fastener Group. John was Vice President of Greenslade and Company for 14 years, served on the ASME B18 subcommittee and was chairman of the IFI Small Screws Engineering committee. Although we are excited to get back to live classes and “social gathering” we remind you that on-line learning is stronger than ever. During the COVID19 travel restrictions FTI comprehensively invested in our on-demand curriculum which now includes over 40 fastener-related topics developed for fastener professionals at all levels of experience. Subscription packages are available to fit any budget requirement. New Webinar Topics Include: ¤ Fastener Finishes & K Factor Determination - when Tight is Right ¤ Why Does That Part Cost So Much - exploring fastener cost drivers ¤ Fastener Materials - Non-Steel (Stainless, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper Alloys, Nickel Alloys) ¤ Oil and Gas Industry Fastener Standards Usage and Issues New classes and course development are essential for FTI, and industry support is critical to achieve this. For the second year we are pleased to announce that Würth Industry North America has partnered with FTI as our 2020 Sustaining Sponsor. The generous support of Würth will continue to help FTI fund both existing programs and develop the new content needed to grow. For a detailed description regarding all our classes, please visit our website If you would like to receive our newsletter please email Jo Morris at JO MORRIS | FASTENER TRAINING INSTITUTE


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