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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2021 / Vol 44 No 3


100 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK BRUNO MARBACHER DRIVING SYSTEMS FOR FASTENERS TO SUIT THE APPLICATION from page 8 Stick Fit Stick fit is the term used to define the ability of a drive to hold the screw in place before and during tightening. A good stick fit is critical for thread forming screws, tapping screws etc. Where access of screw is hampered Stick fit can be improved with a magnetic bit. Frees up one hand. The Effect, The Coatings Have On Driver Engagement Thick coating may impair drive/driver engagement preventing the bit being inserted into the drive. Internal drives are more likely to cause an issue, most external drives can accept a thicker coating. Thick layer coatings and fluorocarbon coatings are not suitable for internal drives. Worldwide Availability Many of today’s products are sold worldwide to developed or underdeveloped countries, where special wrenches or screwdrivers/bits may not be available to service the equipment. So, it is best to stick to basic drives for product going to underdeveloped countries or very remote areas. The Individual Drives Straight Common Slot The simplest drive is a straight slot, it is a sawed across the screws head. The slot can also be formed in the heading process but as it is tapered it has the tendency to cam-out. Screws are driven in by a flatbladed screwdriver. Features and concerns: The slot is commonly used in food processing industry etc. (can easily be cleaned). Wood screws may be driven by a Yankee pump action driver as the drive is very susceptible to the driver slipping out, causing damage to parts it is holding together. It has a low torque capability due to small contact area and shallow entry depth of driver blade. Screws with straight slots can be tightened anywhere and everywhere. Some international companies used to apply them so parts could be serviced in developing countries, one may use a coin or even a even a Swiss army knife. Often combined with other drive systems to overcome unique tool requirements. This drive can be reused serval times assuming careful handling. This drive is worldwide available but does not offer other critical features. Cross Recess (Philips) The self-centering Phillips drive was designed to ‘Cam-Out’ when the driver reached the maximum torque. This saved the screw from being over tightened and/ or the head from being damaged or broken off. It was designed and used on the production lines. First used on 1936 Cadillac. On today’s assembly lines cam-out is not practical. Features and concerns: System is subject to camout, in which the driver is forced up and out of the recess due to the angle of the recess walls. With this drive it’s easy to line up the driver bit with the driver. It also works in off angle applications. 4 different drive and recess sizes are commonly used. The same drive size is used for inch and metric screws (Bit and drive) Cross recess should not be used for thread forming screws, the driving torque is too high, the driver is likely to cam-out damaging the drive in the process. Depending on how it is being handled it can be reused. Other critical features do not apply or are not prominent. CONTINUED ON PAGE 156

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 101 Advance Components is proud to announce a new partnership with Gage Bilt, a top manufacturer of rivet and lockbolt installation tools and components. Advance will now stock Gage Bilt’s extensive line of pneudraulic, hydraulic and pneumatic tools. Since 1956, Gage Bilt has been manufacturing economically-priced, heavy duty riveters to install a wide variety of aerospace and commercial fasteners. Gage Bilt tools are ergonomically designed for fast installations, reduced hand fatigue, and simple maintenance. Gage Bilt tools can be used to install fasteners from POP®, Avedel®, Cherry® and Huck®. “Gage Bilt is a great addition to the products Advance brings to the industry,” says Gary Cravens, Advance’s President. “Our goal remains to be a customer-focused company, so we work hard to provide the best products, the best prices and the best customer service, and Gage Bilt is the perfect fit.” Advance Components is a master distributor of ARaymond/Tinnerman, AVK Industrial, Heyco Products, Parker Fasteners, Vogelsang, Caillau, Davies Molding, Essentra Components and more. Based in Carrollton (Dallas), TX Advance is a trusted supply chain partner for manufacturers and distributors in the industrial market, and carries a large variety of in-stock products that are available online 24-7. For more information contact Advance Components at 2920 Commodore Drive, Suite 100, Carrollton, TX 75007. Tel: 1-800-275-7772, email: or visit them online at

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